This week in Washington we are writing to protest the outrageous actions of the Environmental Protection Agency. According to Reuters, the EPA has withdrawn a proposed Obama-era rule change for uranium mining. The aim of this change was to tighten health and safety compliance rules for uranium miners. The proposal from EPA was to regulate byproduct materials produced by uranium recovery activities with a focus on groundwater protection and restoration. This week call EPA acting administrator Wheeler and let him know you feel strongly about protecting groundwater and protecting the environment from toxic uranium at (202) 564 7700.


GUN CONTROL 10/28/2018 

This week in Washington we are writing to energize Amewricans in favor of gun control. The time has come to close the "gun show loophole, that allows people to purchase firearms without undergoing a background check. First, we ask President Trump to close the gun show loophole so that we can keep our communities safe. Second, we ask for a ban on "saturday night specials," small, low quality, in expensive hand guns  that can be easily concealed and used to take often innocent life.  Third, we ask for a renewal of the assault weapons ban. Weapons of war have no place on the streets of America. The White House can be reached at (202) 456 1414.



       This week in Washington we are writing to protect voting rights. Two weeks ago the Supreme Court dealt a strong blow to the civil rights of Native Americans. The Court did so by allowing a restrictive voting rights identification law to stand in North Dakota. This law stipulates that voters are required to show identification with a residents instead of a PO Box. Americans living on reservations often do not have these kinds of street addresses, living in a traditional setting. Some 70,000 voters in North Dakota don't have an identification card that qualifies them to vote in the new system.

18,000 Native Americans don't have documentation that supports their new document system with their local Secretary of State. This week call North Dakota's Secretary of State and ask that he accept PO Box's as valid ID's on election day. Call Bismarck North Dakota toll free at 1 (800) 352 0867.


Endangered Species Act 11/7/2018

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the Endangered Species Act from extinction. Interior Secretary Zinke is partnering with Congress to imperil grizzly bears and gray wolves. Big Energy Companies are pushing for authorization to engage in deforestation, mining, fracking and the right to drill for oil in the habitat of some of our most precious resources our wildlife. 

Interior Secretary Zinke is making it easier to remove species from the endangered list by conducting cost-benefit analysis of species on the endangered list. 273 university scientists as well as 9,000 working biologists have signed a letter opposing this move by the Interior Department and Congress. Polar Bears and Condors may not share a lot in common but they could both be extinct if we fail to act. E-mail Interior Secretary Zinke today @ 


IMMIGRATION 11/21/2018

This week in Washington we are writing to protect undocumented Americans from persecution by the federal government. Washington is working through the Department of Homeland Secuity to force a choice between public assistance and citizenship for immigrants. Immigrants applying for public assistance like Medic Aid & Food Stamps would be denied visas, green cards and even have grounds for deportation under a new proposal from DHS. There is a three week comment period within which we urge our membership to contact DHS to postpone or reject this new rule. This rule would effect 24 million people and we strongly admonish the Administration to reconsider. Call DHS at (202) 282 8495.

Health Care 12/14/2018 

This week in Washington we are writing to preserve and protect health care for eligible Americans all over this nation of ours. The Administration is attacking constitutional rights to birth control, cancer screenings and safe & legal abortions all across America. The Administration has imposed a 'gag rule' blocking women from having access to contraception and we call on the Department of Health and Human Services to relent it's assault on our rights. Call DHHS & (877) 696 6775.


Health Care for Service Members 11/21/2018

This week in Washington we are calling to amend the Federal Tort Claims Act to allow service members to pursue medical malpractice claims. In the event of an injury or death it is critical that military members have a legal recourse in pursuing justice for a family member or an individual. We call for a repeal of the "feres" rule so that soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines can claim basic medical rights that most Americans take for granted. This week call 202 224 3121 and ask for your Senator by state.




This week in Washington we are calling on the National Highway & Traffic Safety Administration to get recalled cars off the road. Most Americans drive cars and we ask that they be allowed to drive in safety. Automobile accidents with Takata airbags have turned deadly when airbags explode during collisions and we would like NHTSA to get these recalled cars off the road immediately. In addition, we would like car dealers to be prohibited from selling the more than 57 million cars that have been recalled. We ask that cars that catch fire, with sticking acccelerator pedals and brake failure be taken off the road. Call NHTSA at (202) 366 4000

A Safe &

Secure Border 1/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to promote a safe & secure border. We ask that the United Nations send observers to protect new immigrants from harm. New arrivals should be greeted with warm blankets, food and shelter not tear gas and rubber bullets. International law requires America to review every application for asylum. This is a clear violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which the United States is a signatory. The Statue of Liberty reads "give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." E-mail UNHCR today to keep this covenant 

Net Neutrality


This week in Washington we are writing to protect a free and open internet. The Congressional Review Act (CRA) gives Congress the ability to overturn the FCC's repeal and restore the 2015 Open Internet Order. The CRA has passed in the Republican controlled Senate and it must pass the House before the end of this legislative session if it is to have a chance at becoming law. CRA is supported by 177 Representatives in the House but still needs 41 members in order to gain passage. Whether you are a small business owner or a wall street tycoon. An American Represenative in the Congress or a factory worker on the assembly line should have free and fair access to the Internet. We've come miles in bridging the digital divide and we do not want to see that progress rolled back so we ask you to call Congress today in order to save net neurtality. One equal access pathway on the internet and no secondary status for average users like you and me. Call Congress today at 202 224 3121.

Safety on Campus /

Women's Rights 1/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to create safe and secure campuses for women across the country. We ask Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to abstain from first, relieving schools of the responsibility to investigate harrasment and assault unless survivors report to specific, designated employees. Second, we ask that Secretary DeVos not require universities to dismiss complaints about off-campus incidents. Third, we ask that the standard of evidence lean towards the rights of the women reporting the assault. Fourth, we ask that victims have the right to cross examine the perpetrators. Call Betsy DeVos today at 1-800-647-8733.

Wall Street

Reform 1/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to support the "Stop Walmart Act." Wealthy companies should be prevented from buying back their stock unless they pay their workers, part time employees, contractors & franchisees at least $15 an hour. We ask that employees receive seven days of paid sick leave. Third, we ask that the CEO & highest paid employee not make more than 150 times the median salary. Call the United States Senate @ (202)-224-3121 and ask for an equal economy for our country. 

Big Pharma 2/1/2019 

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American people. We call on Congress to pass the Schakowsky-Warren bill to break up big pharma cartels to lower generic pharmaceutical prices by publicly manufacturing generic drugs. The World Health Organization critical "essential medicines," should be available at affordable prices. In addition, if only one or two companies control the rights to a pharmaceutical the government should have the right to manufacture it to make it more affordable. We need to get the government in the business of saving lives by providing these critical life saving pharmaceuticals. Call Congress this week at (202) 224 321 and ask for your Senator by State.

Big Pharma 2/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the health care of the American people. Representative Ro Khanna (CA) 17 is taking on Big Pharma through legislation that will reduce prescription drug prices. This legislation will make American Pharmaceutical Companies set rates matching the rest of the industrialized world. If pharmaceutical companies refuse to lower their prices this legislation will introduce competition for generic drugs using free markets to increase competition and reduce cost. The Prescription Drug Price Relief Act will work with a newly created Office of Drug Price Manufacturing that can set prices at fair market values through competition to protect health care for the American people. Call Congress today and ask your representative to support the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act @ 202 224-3121


Rights 2/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect Women's Rights. Whether you are a daughter, a mother, a grandmother or a sister your rights should be protected by the law not compromised by the law. We are writing today to 1) lift the global gag rule on family planning organizations imposed by the Department of Health & Human Services. 2) We demand equal pay for equal work. 3) We would like to see Planned Parenthood fully funded so that a safe and legal abortion is once more the law of the land not an expensive entitlement for the rich and the few. 4) We want to see Title IX protections enhanced not stripped so that sexual assault survivors are protected not intimidated into silence. Call Betsy Devos today at 1-800-647-8733.


Save Apache

Holy Land 4/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect freedom of religion for Apache tribes. Resolution Copper is conspiring to build a copper mine on the Oak Flat in Indian Country in Arizona. Our friends in Congress are fighting back with the introduction of the "Save Oak Flat Act." Since the mining industry is exempt from the Clean Water Act the project would damage the Native American Tribes water supply. The Oak Flat is great and does not need a two-mile wide, 1,000-foot deep copper mine. Call Congress today and ask your Representative to vote in favor of the "Save Oak Flat Act," @ 202 224


Student Debt

Relief 3/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing for student debt relief. Forty-four million Americans are carrying the burden of student loan debt, totaling $1.5 trillion dollars in 2017. Buying a home and starting a family are goals that are out of reach for Millenials due to these crushing obligations. One million Americans default on their student loans every year. By 2023, 40 % of borrowers will be in default of their student loans. We ask Congress to pass the Student Loan Forgiveness Act in order to bring relief to those struggling with student debt. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 and ask them to help those in need. 

HIV/AIDS 3/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Currently PrEP also known as Truvada is a medication that has proved that it can drastically cut infection rates. Unfortunately, it's high cost of $ 1,700 dollars places it out of the reach of every day Americans. We would like to see PrEP become a covered part of preventative care. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force announced that PrEP should be offered as a major form of HIV prevention. 1.2 million people are at high risk of contracting HIV but only 80,000 had access to PrEP in 2016. In the same year there were 40,000 new cases of HIV. Let's make HIV history by making PrEP an essential part of preventative care in the United States. Call the House Ways and Means Committee and ask for the Sub Committee on Health @ 202 225 3625.


New Year's Day 1/1/2019


Christmas Day 12/25/2018


Thanksgiving Day 11/22/2018 


Martin Luther King Day 1/21/2019


Chanukah 12/2-10/2018

Facebook 2/7/2019 

This week in Washington we are writing the Federal Trade Commission to initiate change at Facebook. A recent New York Times article found that Facebook gives away information on its 2.2 billion users to more than 150 companies. This is a situation that cries out for oversight. Since 2010 Facebook has made secret agreements to share private information from Ford Motor Company to Microsoft. We ask the FTC to; 1) conduct a public review of its practices, 2) hire an executive- level user advocate, 3) issue a public report with recommendations to improve the situation, and 4) create a task force to see implementation through. The FTC can be reached for comment at its Consumer Response Center at 1 877-382-4357.


Security 3/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to expand social security. Rep. John Larson has introduced the Social Security 2100 Act  that will keep the program solvent for 80 years. If signed into law this Act will; 1) increase social security for all of us, 2) compel millionaires and billionares to pay the same rate as everyone, 3) protect low income workers by increasing monthly benefits, and 4) protect against inflation by indexing benefits. This Week call Congress at 202 244 3121 to protect social security.


President's Day 2/16/2019


Armistice / Veterans Day 11/11/2019


Ash Wednesday 3/6/2019


St Patrick's Day 3/15/2019


Reform 4/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to initiate immigration reform. The crises at the border with Mexico demands an immediate and compassionate response. We ask that the Department of Homeland Security take the following steps; 1) stop prosecuting everyone who crosses illegally, 2) stop separating families by taking children away from them, 3) stop tightening asylum standards, 4) stop slowing down the number of people allowed to apply for asylum every day, 5) stop forcing asylum applicants to remain in Mexico as they wait for their court dates. Our Statue of Liberty asks us to grant protection to "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." We ask that you call the Department of Homeland Security to keep this promise. Call (202) 282 8495


Against Women Act 4/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. We would like to see the United States Senate expand VAWA to include protections for survivors who are facing evictions from their homes because of their abuser's actions. Further, we would like to see a ban on firearms from stalkers and abusers looking to settle old scores. VAWA expired in February of this year and it was left out of a spending bill needed to keep the government open. We implore Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to act for the sake of the safety of women across the country. These women are our mothers, sisters, nieces, daughters and grandmothers. Call Senator McConnell at 202 224 2541.


Education 4/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to make higher education affordable. We applaud and welcome Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plan to reduce crippling student debt as an investment in our country's future. Warren's plan would forgive up to $ 50,000 in student loans for Americans in household's earning less than $ 100,000. This would provide relief to 95 % of the country's 45 million Americans with student loans according to CNN. Sen. Warren's plan would also make public 2 and 4 year colleges free. This plan would be financed by a 2% tax on wealth above $ 50 million and a 3 % tax on wealth above $1 Billion. The time has come to end a lifetime of debt for our idealistic young Americans. Call Washington today at (202) 224 3121 and demand an end to student debt.

A Green

New Deal 5/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to create a Green New Deal. We know that the fate of our Earth hangs in the balance. Today we ask you to call Congress in favor of H. Res 109 and join Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to limit greenhouse emissions. This legislation would first force our country's largest polluters to cut emissions. Second, this legislation would require certain buildings to be retrofitted with solar panels and wind turbines. Third, this legislation would establish a renewable energy loan program. Fourth, H. Res 109 would study the feasibility of ending oil and gas power and replace these with renewables. Fifth, this would create thousands of well-paying blue collar jobs. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121.


for All Act 5/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to enact universal health care. In the House of Representatives H.R. 1384 and in the United States Senate S. 1129 are the Medicare for All Acts of 2019. If enacted into law this legislation would create a single payer system that would include coverage of the more than 34 million Americans that lack health insurance. This legislation would be financed by increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans and we believe it is time for all to do their fair share. According to National Public Radio this legislation would expand coverage while eliminating deductibles, copays and premiums. Dental and vision care would finally become a reality for millions of Americans who often are compelled to pay out of pocket for basic medical expenses. Health care costs are a leading cause of bankruptcy even though America is the wealthiest country in the world. Call the House of Representatives Capitol Switchboard today @ 202 224 3121 and affirm your support for H.R. 1384 by asking for your Representatives vote.


Woman Act 5/21/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect a woman's right to choose. In this Administration we are witnessing an unprecedented assault on a women's reproductive rights and there is critical legislation pending before the Congress to remedy this situation. The Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance E.A.C.H. Woman Act would ensure "that every woman who receives health care or insurance through the federal government will have coverage for all pregnancy-related services, including abortion," according to the All Above All campaign. This legislation would block the Hyde Amendment an annual budget rider preventing federal funding for abortions. The EACH Woman Act would repeal this rule and make a safe affordable abortion a right for women everywhere in the United States. Anti-Choice policies have a disproportionate effect on Americans with low-income and people of color according to Rewire News. In the House of Representatives this legislation has the support of Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and Diana DeGette (D-CO). Call Congress @ 202 224 3121 and ask for Congressional Support for H.R. 1692.

Resources for

9/11 First Responders 6/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to keep faith with our first responders. After the horrific attacks of September 11th many first responders developed illnesses from their service at Ground Zero. Many workers developed cancer due to exposure to asbestos, burned jet fuel, burned computer parts, concrete and other toxic substances. People of good will are once more answering the call to serve. The James Zadroga Health and Compensation Act provides health screenings and medical benefits to our first responders and we must re-authorize it in order to keep faith with America. In two years, the Victim Compensation Fund will close. 10,000 Americans have been diagnosed with cancer and 184 of those are New York City Fire Fighters who have died as a result of their illnesses. Call the United States Senate today and re authorize S. 546 in the Senate and H.R. 1327 the Never Forget the Heroes: Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act. We will never forget the service of our first responders and this legislation will help us keep the faith. Call the Capitol Switchboard today @ 202 224 3121 ask for your Senator by state and ask to re authorize S. 546.

Domestic Workers

Bill of Rights 6/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect service workers in our 21st century economy. We ask Congress to pass the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. This critical legislation would extend labor laws to cover domestic workers. They would get the following benefits; Occupational Safety and Health Administration protections, help in cases of discrimination and harassment, the right to overtime pay and the ability to form unions. In addition, the bill would extend essential new protections - like retirement savings, affordable health care, training and development, the right to meal breaks, rest breaks, paid sick days, federal agency protections, contracts on paper, privacy and knowledge of their schedules in advance. These protections could set a standard that could have a ripple effect spreading protections to Amazon contractors and ride-share drivers. Domestic workers exempt from basic labor laws are often the target of abuse and exploitation. This legislation would reverse that trend. This week call Congress and support the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights @ 202 224 3121.

E.Q.U.A.L. Act 6/7/2019 

This week in Washington we are writing to strengthen our democracy. The Ensuring Quality Access to Legal Defense E.Q.U.A.L. Act would put limits on public defenders' workloads, raise their pay to match prosecutors' salaries, and increase federal funding for training opportunities and student loan repayment programs. Publicly funded criminal defense attorneys must have the same resources and support as prosecutors. In many jurisdictions public defenders are overworked and underpaid. This legislation would remedy this egregious situation. This Week we ask that you call the United States Senate and support the EQUAL Defense Act of 2019 @ 202 224 3121 ask for your Senator by state.

A Family Bill

of Rights 6/21/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to strengthen American families. We stand with Sen. Gillibrand in her call for a Family Bill of Rights. If enacted into law this legislation would provide for the following; i) paid family leave, ii) universal pre-k in our nation's schools, iii) automatic enrollment for new borns into the Children's Health Insurance Program according to a press release from her office. Sen Gillibrand's proposal would give children access to Medicaid's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment program. This program would be funded by higher taxes on Wall Street transactions with a .03% tax on all their transactions. This proposal would harvest $777 billion over ten years. Sen. Gillibrand's proposal has called for action in the first 100 days of her Administration. This proposal also calls for extending protections to same-sex couples while also safe guarding a woman's right to choose. A refundable tax credit would be available to couples choosing to adopt. It is critical to our democracy to safe-guard new familes and their children so that they can grow strong. Call Washington today and ask for your Senator by state today @ 202 224 3121.

Social Security

& Wall Street 6/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect Social Security. We ask the Senate to "reject the provisions in the SECURE Act that would allow annuities providers," to cheat retirees amd taking away their "hard earned savings," as documented by CREDO. We believe in expanding Social Security through the passage of the Social Security 2100 Act that would expand benefits and make a comfortable retirement a reachable goal for the many not an accessible luxury for the few. "Safe harbor," allowing "annuities based on kickbacks" is an unsafe investment strategy. We can't afford to roll the dice on retirement and we stand with CREDO, Social Security Works and every organization aiming to protect the savings of retirees. Annuity companies could declare bankruptcy and workers would have no right to sue their employers to recover their savings. Public employees have been left to the mercy of the elements and this is unaffordable, unfair and unnecessary. Call the United States Senate today @ 202 224 3121 and oppose the SECURE Act. 


Rights 7/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect gay rights. We ask that the United States Senate pass the Equality Act. This path breaking legislation would apply the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the LGBTQ community. According to CREDO Mobile this legislation  would "ban discrimination in education, employment, housing, credit and federal jury service." We ask the United States Senate to stand with us in expanding the scope of civil rights to include the gay community. Civil rights should be protected no matter who you love. Americans have come a long way since the Stonewall Riots in New York City in the 1960's. The time has come for this urgently needed reform. Call the United States Senate @ 202 224 3121.


Mother's Day 5/14/2019


Memorial Day - 5/27/2019


Easter Holiday 4/21/2019

Passover Holiday 4/19/2019 - 4/27/2019


Independence Day Festivities 7/4/2019


Debt 7/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing for our country's future. We ask the United States Senate to take up and pass the Student Debt Cancellation Act of 2019. In the United States student debt is greater than $ 1.5 trillion. 40 % of Americans are expected to default on their loans. Student debt prevents people from starting families or opening a new business. In addition it keeps families from purchasing a new home. Unlike other forms of debt, student debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. The Student Debt Cancellation Act would prevent predatory practices by lenders trying to lure unwitting students into irresponsible debt and protect public education. This legislation would eliminate and forgive student loans. Ask the Senate to stand with us by calling the Capitol today and ask for your Senator at (202) 224 3121.


Crises 7/21/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American Dream. The refugee crises at the border requires the immediate attention of the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Department of Homeland Security. They must unite families that have been separated not divide them. We stand with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and ask that the U.S. first, expand infrastructure capacity at all ports of entry and border stations. Second, we ask that the United States improve reception conditions, including child-friendly spaces. Immigrants should be greeted with warm food and blankets not kept in cages and prevented from using the bathroom in privacy. Third, we ask that America provide specialist care to meet humanitarian needs including medical and psycho-social support, child welfare and care for survivors of violence aned trauma. There have been 175 protests in 40 states with 800 letters being delivered to Congress asking for them to intervene in this crises. We proudly stand with organizations like United We Dream and the American Friends Service Committee in demanding an end to these practices. Call Congress today at 202 224 3121.


Rights 7/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect American workers. We call on Congress to "expand and restore overtime pay," by supporting the Restoring Overtime Pay Act. Barack Obama's Administration expanded overtime pay to 4 million workers. The current Administration through the Department of Labor has watered down this critical reform that would cost 8.2 million people overtime pay. Congress has introduced legislation to protect the integrity of the American worker. Since 1975 the percentage of workers earning overtime has plummeted from 65 % to 11 %. For 41 years the threshold for overtime pay has been stuck at $ 23,660. Earning more than this amount would make you ineligible to receive overtime. In addition, corporations often label workers managers in order to avoid paying them overtime. The Obama era regulation would set a new threshold of $ 47,000, rising with inflation, to secure the American dream so that families earning above $23,000 would be able to receive overtime. Tell Congress to support the Restoring Overtime Pay Act today by calling 202 224 3121. 


Bastille Day 7/14/2019

A Wall

Street Tax 8/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to tax Wall Street. We can accomplish this objective by imposing a small tax on each financial trade like a sales tax for Wall Street Banks. This measure if enacted would reduce speculation and raise billions of dollars. Progressive champions in Congress include Rep's Pramila Jayapal & Alexandra Ocasio Cortez who have stood behind the Tax Wall Street Act. Recently, Representatives Barbara Lee and Sen. Bernie Sanders have introduced there own version of the legislation the Inclusive Prosperity Act there are minor differences in the bill but they both share the same objective, creating equality by sharing the responsibility of raising government revenue. The Wealthiest 10% of Americans own more than 85 % of stock market wealth. High speed traders turn a profit by gaming small fluctations in price. A small tax would discourage dishonest financial transactions and level the playing field for every day Americans. The United States once taxed Wall St. transactions as recently as 1966. Forty countries around the world have a financial sales tax and we ask Congress to stand with us and make equality an American value again. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121 and ask them to support the Tax Wall Street Act.   


Stamps 8/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the food security of the American people. The current Administration is trying to remove 3 million people from Food Stamps. New regulations would curtail the leeway of states to automatically enroll welfare recipients. If income is less than 200% of the poverty level Americans should be automatically enrolled. We are the wealthiest country in the world and no child or family should ever grow up in the shadow of hunger. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121 

Civil Rights

& Fair Housing 8/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect civil rights. Despite decades of progress in integrating colleges & universities, assuring equal access to public accomodations and transportation and access to housing has remained a continuing challenge in civil rights. Sen. Kamala Harris has laid out a bold proposal for change; 1) Invest $ 100 billion to provide down-payment and closing cost assistance to 4 million home buyers who rent or live in historically red-lined communities, 2) strengthen anti-discrimination lending laws and implement stricter enforcement and 3) ensure these new home buyers have the necessary financial literacy to stay in their homes by increasing funding for the Housing Education and Counseling Program. Three quarters of white households are home owners while only 45 % and 47 % of black and hispanic families are. The time has come for peaceful social change. No American should be denied the right to purchase a home on the basis of the color of their skin. Change for Progress asks that Americans be judged by the content of their character. We ask that you call Congress today at 202 224 3121. 


Control 8/28/2019

In the last few weeks the country has mourned the loss of 20 people cut down in the prime of their lives in El Paso Texas with dozens injured. Nine were killed in Dayton Ohio with 27 injured. For too long weapons of war have haunted the streets of American cities and countryside. Thoughts and prayers are not enough to stop the epidemic of gun violence in America. In February, Congress passed two pieces of legislation designed to close loopholes in background checks for gun purchases. H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112 are the cures to the epidemic gripping a fevered nation. The Bipartisan Background Checks Act & Enhanced Background Checks Act are the first steps toward a more peaceful nation and the beginning of the end of the fever of violence that has been a part of our national dialogue for far too long. Call the Senate today and ask for your Senator by state at (202) 224 -3121.

The Death

Penalty 8/21/2019

This week in Washington we are writing in opposition to the death penalty. In past Supreme Court decisions the Court has ruled in opposition to this barbaric action. In Furman v. Georgia the Court ruled against the death penalty citing it's violation of the constitutional violation of the 8th Amendment, the prohbition against "cruel and unusual punishment." We ask the office of the Attorney General to abide by this idealistic standard. The application of the death penalty is neither swift, quickly applied, certain applied with consistency or severe enough, as criminals often face a deadly death on the street. The death penalty hasn't been right in the past for the people and it should no longer be applied. We ask the Attorney General to stand with the people in the application of the standard conferred by the Court in Furman v. Georgia and discontinue this barbaric action. Call Attorney General William Barr today and ask for an end to the death penalty at (202) 727 3400.


Security Act 9/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect our election system. Senator Amy Klobuchar has shown leadership in identifying the means to solving our electoral problems in the United States. The ranking member of the Senate Rules Committee with oversight of federal elections, Klobuchar has introduced the "Election Security Act." This critical legislation can accomplish a number of goals; a) require backup paper ballots, b) provide $ 1 billion in election security grants to the states for cyber security audits and improvements, c) strengthen federal response to election security interference and d) establish accountability measures for technology vendors. Securing our elections is a step towards increasing the quality of our democracy and we ask that you call your Senator by state @ 202 224 3121 on the Capitol switchboard.


Parenthood 9/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect Planned Parenthood. In recent days the organization  was compelled to withdraw from the Title X family planning program. This 50 year old program provides testing for sexually transmitted disease, birth control and screenings for cancer and additional health care services for young Americans. In addition this program covers people without insurance and the underinsured. The Gag rule enacted by the Department of Health and Human Services makes it unlawful for doctors, nurses and health care professionals to discuss abortions with patients. We ask the head of the DHHS to revoke the gag rule.  Call the Administration today at 202 690 7000.


Airlines 9/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect our safety in the skies. American Airlines is outsourcing the jobs of maintenance workers outside the United States to low-bid third party providers that are unregulated. In addition American Airlines is also outsourcing the work of facilities maintenance, fleet service logistics and other ground support in its push for profits. We want to make sure that American Airlines are fit for flight. Critical jobs like de-icing and cabin security are at risk because of the race to the bottom to maximize profits at the expense of quality flight service. Call American Airlines today @ 1 800 633 3711


Security 9/21/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to expand Social Security. If Senator Elizabeth Warren's plan is enacted into law it will increase Social Security benefits immediately by $ 200 a month -- $ 2,400 a year. In addition it will extend the solvency of Social Security by two decades by asking the top 2% of families to contribute. This plan will lift 4.9 million seniors out of poverty cutting the senior poverty rate by 68 %. These reforms will reduce the deficit by more than $ 1 trillion over the next ten years. Call the United States Senate today and ask your Senator to support the Warren Plan today @ 202 224 3121   


Labor Day 9/2/2019

United Auto Workers

& General Motors 9/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American worker. Fifty thousand U.A.W. members at General Motors factories across the Midwest and the South are headed to the picket lines according to The New York Times. The union is pushing General Motors to do the following; 1) improve wages, 2) reopen idle plants, 3) add jobs, and 4) narrow the difference between pay for new hires and veteran workers. General Motors has been earning record profits $8.1 billion globally  yet still has idled 3 plants. We ask General Motors to be generous in responding to the requests of workers across America. Lincoln in a different conflict once said that "there is a great invisibile strength in a people's union." E-mail General Motors today @ 


Strike 10/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to save the environment. Mayor Pete Buttigieg has outlined a visionary plan to save our planet and we support his plan. First, we believe that we can and should achieve 100% clean electricity and zero emissions for new cars by 2035 with Net Zero Economy wide emissions by 2050. Second, we call for a price on carbon with revenue going back to low and middle-income Americans who disproportionately feel the effects of climate change. Third, we stand with the Mayor and ask to create 3 million clean economy jobs by 2030. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121


Happy Rosh Hashanah 9/30/2019


Housing 10/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing for affordable housing. We agree with Sen. Sanders plan. If enacted it would end homelessness and limit rent increases across the country with a national rent control standard. According to The New York Times this plan would expand public housing, cap annual rent increases nationally and increase the availability of affordable housing. The time has come for reform  Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121


Happy Yom Kippur 10/9/2019

Campaign Finance

Reform - Disclose Act 10/21/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to enact campaign finance reform. The Disclose Act is a critical step forward for our democracy. First, this legislation would require all corporations to report campaign expenditures of $10,000 or more to the FEC, the Federal Elections Commission within 24 hours and to disclose all campaign-related expenditures to shareholders and members. Second, this legislation would strengthen the foreign money ban by prohibiting foreign nationals from participating in decision making about corporate campaign spending. Third, this legislation creates a 'stand by your ad' provision so that groups who are running and funding a political ad must state that they "approve this message." The 'Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections,' the Disclose Act can pass with your support. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121.  


Housing 10/28/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to preserve, protect and expand affordable housing. We echo the plan of Sen. Michael Bennett of Colorado that according to The New York Times would; 1) create "affordable housing units in areas where good jobs are available, 2)increase funding for housing vouchers and 3) provide tax credits for down payments on housing units." Bennett rightly identifies tax incentives that must be restructured to encourage affordability in communities with good schools and job opportunities. Bennett's plan targets the construction of 4 million units of affordable housing as an immediate goal for the country. We face a shortage of 7.2 million affordable rental homes. Bennett correctly argues that we must lower the cost of living in good homes "in thriving communities to ensure that people are able to afford a decent life." Call Congress today and demand that Congress get on the right side of history @ 202 224 3121.


Columbus Day 10/14/2019

Comcast &

Civil Rights 11/1/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to protect civil rights. Comcast is working to strike down key provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1866. This legislation protects people from discrimination  in "employment, housing, banking, consumer and business transactions," according to Color of Change. Comcast has petitioned the Supreme Court to allow racial discrimination in business transactions to deny someone a service. We ask that Comcast protect diversity and inclusion by dropping this case before the Supreme Court. Racism by itself should be enough to violate the Civil Rights Act with no need of other discriminatory practices. We stand with African-Americans everywhere in standing up to racial discrimination. Call Comcast today @ 1 800 COM CAST. 


for All 11/7/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to expand health care. We laud Elizabeth Warren's plan to expand our nation's health care system. First, Warren's plan would not raise anyone's income or payroll tax. Second, according to Bold Progrgressives this plan would enact Medicare For All instead of private insurance with accompanying predictability and lower costs. Third, the remaining cost would come from "taxing the super wealthy and big corporations" and closing corporate tax loopholes. Fourth, everyone wouled receive coverage creating a universal system. Fifth, there would be no premiums, co-pays, deductibles or out of network doctors. Sixth, there would be full benefits including vision, dental and long term care. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121 and ask your Congressman to support the Warren plan. 


Finance Reform 11/21/2019

This week in Washington we are writing to enact campaign finance reform. Bernie Sanders has released an excellent new plan that would enact mandatory campaign finance laws for all federal elections. Second his plan calls for passage of a constitutional amendment that makes clear that money is not speech and corporations are not people. Third, his plan would ban all corporate donations for presidential inauguration events & cap individual donations at $500. Fourth, the Senator would abolish the FEC and replace it with a Federal Election Administration a law enforcement agency. Fifth, Sanders would ban former members of Congress and senior staffers from becoming lobbyists. Finally, Sanders would ban advertisements during presidential primary debates. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121.


Armistice Day / Veteran's Day 11/11/2019

A People's Union 12/1/2019 

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the right's of workers to unionize. The current Administration is trying to "roll back critical protections for working people," according to Daily Kos. Graduate teaching assistants and other student employees are trying to exercise their right to organize through collective bargaining and this rule change would rob them of their rights. The National Labor Relations Board ruling would prevent unionization at private universities. Students teach "university-level courses, publish work, do research that bring institutions prestige, grant money and patents." Students receive pay checks and performance evaluations and experience the university as a workplace. Call the National Labor Relations Board today and ask that they honor the work at Universities @ (510) 673 3300 

Thanksgiving Day 11/28/2019


Public Housing &

the Faircloth Amendment 1/7/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing to expand and protect affordable housing. In 1998 Congress capped the number of available housing units at 1999 levels creating the Faircloth Amedment. We ask Congress to lift the ban on building new public housing units. Two decades later America's population has grown by 50 million people and every public housing authority in the United States faces a crises according to Daily Kos. Thousands are on waitlists across the country with terms of nearly 7 years in some cases. The Faircloth Amendment was wrong 20 years ago and it is wrong today. We ask that the Federal Government place its' enormous resources behind the American people and place its' hands on the scales of justice in order to increase affordable and accessible housing. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121.


Rights 1/14/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect civil rights. In 2012 the Supreme Court repealed key provisions of the Civil Rights Act. Several weeks ago the House of Representatives passed the Voting Rights Advancement Act ro restore critical voter protections. We ask that the Senate follow the lead of the House in passing this legislation. VRAA would create a new formula to determine which states and localities must "pre-clear any proposed changes to election laws and procedures with the Justice Department." Examples of voter suppression across the country include Georgia which recently sought to purge 4% of its voter roles, violating the constitutional rights of Georgians. A second example is in Wisconsin where a county judge purged 200,000 voters in a neighboring jurisdiction. Civil rights are under assault across America and the VRAA would provide a shield to protect our most vulnerable Americans. Voting rights are critical to our every day democracy. The Voting Rights Act has had bi-partisan support from both the Republican and Democratic parties. The time has arrived to honor this critical legislation with passage. Change for Progress asks that you call Congress at (202) 224 3121 to renew our American Democracy. 


Happy Chanukah 12/22/2019 - 12/30/2019

Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act 1/28/2020

This week in Washington we are writing for social equality. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Representative Barbara Lee have introduced the Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act which would make corporations close the pay gap between CEOs and working Americans according to Daily Kos. Many corporations pay their workers the minimum wage forcing workers to rely on social services such as public housing, food stamps and Medicaid. The american tax payer is footing the bill for income inequality. 80 % of CEO's for S & P 500 companies receive more than 100 times the pay of a median employee in 2018. This legisltion would remedy this problem by imposing a "graduated taxes for companies that pay their CEO more than 50 times the pay of the median worker. The wider the pay gap the higher the tax penalty. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 and ask for your Representative's support for the Excessive CEO Pay Act.

Social Security 2/1/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing to protect Social Security. On January 16th 2020 The New York Times published an Opinion Editorial by a former Legal Aid lawyer Johnathan M. Stein. In this editorial Stein documents the Social Security Administration's "announced proposal to conduct roughly 2.6 million additional eligibility reviews of adults and children currently receiving Social Security disability benefits in the next decade." Thousands could lose their benefits. Reducing federal spending should not come through a purge of the disability rolls. In the Eighties similar efforts by the Reagan Administration caused "serious harm to thousands." The current Administration claims increased reviews will create more efficiency. We already know getting on Disability takes years under the current system. Call Social Security today and ask that the Federal Government abstain from creating a 4th category of "Medical Improvement Likely." Social Security can be reached at 1-800 772 1213.

This Week in Washington

Martin Luther King Day 1/20/2020

N.P.R. 2/21/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect National Public Radio. The present Administration recently retweeted a call for NPR to be defunded. According to 314 Action, National Public Radio has 120 million listeners, 34 bureaus worldwide and 27.4 million weekly on-air listeners. NPR is the "national syndicator for a network of over 1,000 public radio stations" across the country. It is critical for Americans to defend the public's First Amendment rights. Free speech demands that we be able to criticize our democracy without fear of retaliation. The answer to bad ideas in our national debate are good ideas, not silence. Creating a marketplace of ideas in order to answer inaccuracy is the cure to the fever of words we are encountering in our national debate. Call the Administration today at 202 456 1111. 

Federal Deposit Insurance

Corporation & Pay Day Loans 2/7/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to appeal the recent actions of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation also known as the FDIC. The organization is supporting the "rent-a-bank" rule that is impoverishing the American people. According to Color of Change the FDIC's conduct would allow "predatory lenders to evade state interest caps." Over the last 200 years, state usury laws have been able to reign in irresponsible practices of bank that allow predatory practices by banks and we ask Chairwoman Jelena McWilliams to heed our call for sound financial governance. Fifty years ago the Fair Housing Act and the Community Reinvestment Act compelled banks to serve everyone equally. We once more call on our nation's banks to act responsibly. Call the FDIC today at 1 877 ASK FDIC 1 877 275 8322 

President's Day 2/17/2020

A People's Union 3/1/2020

This week in Washington we are writing in support of a people's union. The University of California - Santa Cruz recently fired 54 graduate students on strike asking for higher pay to accommodate a high cost of living. In December of last year 200 teaching assistants witheld fall quarter grades after administrators refused their request for a monthly pay increase of $ 1,412. In February of this year grad. students created a full work stoppage, refusing to teach, hold office hours, conduct research or post grades. According to the LA Times 17 graduate students were arrested at a campus protest Feb. 12th. These workers are paid $2,400 a month while the Universities endowment soars into the hundreds of millions. This week in Washington we ask UAW Local 2865 to support the striking students. Call the Union @ 1 800 243 8829.  

Civil Rights 3/7/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect affordable housing. We strongly support the plan put forth before the Congress by Rep. Cortez and 'the Squad.' If approved this plan would take the following measured steps; 1) Establish rent control, limiting annual increases to 3% for landlords with 5 or more units, 2)strengthen tenant protections against unjust evictions, 3) provide $ 6.5 billion dollars for right to counsel, allocated by the Secretary of HUD for tenant eviction proceedings, 4) amend the Fair Housing Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 to prohibit discrimination by landlords on the basis of the use of housing vouchers, federal assistance or lawful sources of income. Ask Congress to protect our people @ 202 224 3121. 

Coronoavirus 3/21/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American people. The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and we call on Washington to respond to this crises with force. H.R. 6201 if signed into law would "expand access to free testing" according to Live In addition it would expand sick leave so that those that are impacted by Coronavirus can heal without concern that they would lose their job. The United States is a minority among industrialized nations in so far as denying sick leave is concerned. South Korea is performing thousands of tests a day while the United States is forced to ration testing due to a shortage of test kits. Testing should be easy and accessible. Even Anthony Fauci the Head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has said that we have so far "botched the response" to the illness. We call on the US Senate and the White House to pass and sign H.R. 6201 that would also provide food assistance to the most vulnerable. Call the Senate today @ 202 224 2121.

St.Patrick's Day 3/17/2020

Economic Stimulus 3/28/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing to stimulate the economy. The stimulus put forth by the Administration and signed by members of both parties is a beginning not an end. The pandemic faced by the nation will likely go on for months if not years. Encouraging signs are millions of dollars for hospital and unemployment benefits. Discouraging signs are millions for corporate bailouts with modest oversight. An Inspector General answering to Congress is an encouraging sign. This week Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has released an excellent plan. Included are several remedies to treat the pandemic; 1) full paid leave, 2) an unemployment insurance boost, 3) more aid to state governments, 4) funding for vaccine development, 5) Social Security benefit increases and 6) student debt cancellation. Personal protective equipment is a must for first responders as is a good test for the Coronavirus. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121 ask for your Congressman & Senator by state to request a people's stimulus.


Reform 5/1/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the right to vote. Several states already have the right to vote by mail and we are writing this week in order to expand the franchise. According to Daily Kos Americans face "long lines, limited polling place hours, difficulty getting time off from work, electronic machines that are vulnerable to hacking, inconvenient polling locations, transportation challenges and voter suppression and intimidation." Voluntary vote by mail is the cure to these social ills. Generations of Americans have fought and died in order to protect the right to vote. It is a dishonor to their memory that we do not make the franchise accessible to all. Coronavirus can spread in American polling places and we ask for a safe alternative so people are not risking their lives in order to cast a ballot in an up coming election. We hope to expand participation among seniors, working families, disabled Americans and young voters. Bad weather should not prevent voting and mail in voting is the cure to Coronavirus fears. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121. 


Foods 4/1/2020

This week in Washington we are writing for Whole Foods. Recently, Whole Foods workers went on strike in order to demand safer working conditions. Whole Foods workers are calling in sick for "paid sick leave, hazard pay, funds to cover the costs of coronavirus testing and treatment, common sense safety measures like adequate sanitation at stores and warehouses, and more," according to Massachussetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Safe grocery stores workers make for a safe America. Where workers are on strike we ask that shoppers not cross the picket line & get groceries somewhere else. Whole Foods workers are getting sick doing their job and this is an outrageous injustice that requires an immediate remedy. If Whole Foods workers had paid sick leave they could take time off to heal. We echo the demands of these workers and ask that Whole Foods reinstate health care coverage for part-time and seasonal workers. Call Whole Foods today @ 512-477-4455 and ask for equitable working conditions.   


Reinvestment Act 4/21/2020

This week in Washington the current Administration is letting the FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the OCC, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency water down the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). These measures when taken in combination could facilitate red-lining in low-income and African-American communities. Americans rely on this critical legislation to buy homes and start small businesses. The CRA protects people from the discriminatory lending practices of banks and is a critical civil rights tool. We ask that the current comment period be open beyond April 8th.  

Passover 4/8/2020

Easter 4/12/2020


Tribe 4/28/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American Indian. The U.S. Department of the Interior has ordered that their land be disestablished. The Wampanoags have occupied the same land for 12,000 years. The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reaffirmation Act (H.R. 312) can support and protect them. This is the Tribe that welcomed the Pilgrims in the 1600s and has lived in peace ever since. This legislation would create millions of dollars in funding for clean water, children's education, emergency services, housing and substance abuse. In addition, this legislation creates specific funding needed to combat the opiod epidemic crises. Call Congress today and support H.R. 312 @ 202 224 3121.

Housing 5/7/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing for a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 emergency. We believe that there is no need for non-essential evictions. Landlords of residential dwellings should not be able to terminate tenancy or send notice to quit for non payment of rent. In addition, landlords should not be able to charge a late fee for non payment of rent or give data to a credit reporting agency if a tenant is late with rent. We oppose foreclosures and ask creditors and mortgage companies to abstain from these actions. Finally, we ask that there be no eviction actions in court. This legislation would prevent courts from accepting filings, entering judgements, issuing executions for possession or scheduling a court event for non-essential evictions. We ask Congress to pass H.R. 6515 with "all deliberate speed." Call the Capitol today @ (202) 224 3121 and let them know that you stand for justice. 

A Coronavirus

Response 5/14/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to manufacture ventilator machines. We call on General Electric Health Care, Medtronic, Ventec Life Solutions, Hamilton Medical, Vyaire Medical and the organization that lobbies for them, Adva Med, to allow hospitals to fix broken ventilators. Ventilators are a life saving tool being used to treat Coronavirus but they are in short supply. We ask that these companies lift the prohibition on repairing these critical tools to protect the American people. There are only 62,000 ventilators across the country and New York alone needs 30,000 according to Color of Change. There are as many as 100,000 ventilators stored across the country in hospitals and  warehouses. Call Congress today and ask them to lift the prohibition on repairing old ventilators @ 202 224 3121. 

10 Point

Corona Response 5/21/2020

This Week in Washington we ask Congress to follow our 10 point plan. We ask that Congress; 1) halt all evictions and foreclosures during the pandemic, 2) provide first responders necessary PPE, 3) expand unemployment benefits, 4) extend loan forgiveness to struggling students, 5) lift the cap on income tax deductions, 6) expand SNAP eligbility, 7) enocurage the FDA to streamline the manufacture of new ventilators, 8) empower Defense to produce PPE, 9) provide mobile service centers for Veterans and 10) create tele-work for Federal Employees. Call Washington today @ 202 224 3121


Workers 5/28/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect domestic workers. The National Domestic Workers Alliance has taken "long strides towards freedom" in calling attention to the unjust conditions that domestic workers face. According to The Nation (NDWA) has argued that house cleaners, nannies and health aides suffer from unequal working conditions and need to be treated more equitably. Women and minorities make up an increasing share of this workforce and historically have had no protection. These workers deserve "good jobs with living wages, benefits and legal protection." Call Congress today ask ask for justice for our domestic workers @ 202 224 3121.

HEROES Act 6/1/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to pass the HEROES Act. The House of Representatives has shown path breaking leadership in advancing this legislation. According to Bold Progressives the $3 trillion coronavirus bill provides "meaningful relief, protections and government services Americans need." This legislation adopts key components of Sen. Warren's Workers Bill of Rights: workplace safety, hazard pay, child care and paid sick leave. This legislation also adopts proposals by both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren including student debt cancellation and anti-corruption according to Bold Progressives. This proposal draws on the idea of contact tracing, public manufacturing and sending every voter a ballot to vote from home. Call the Senate @ 202 224 3121 and ask for your Senator by state to support of the HEROES Act.  

Saving Our

Streets Act 6/7/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect small business. The SOS Act can provide grants of up to $250,000 to community businesses and non profits to help weather the crises. Eligible organizations are those with 10 or fewer employees. 75 % will be set aside for minority and veteran owned businesses. Stand with small business today by urging your Representative in Congress to support this critical legislation. Call Congress @ 202 224 3121.

Citizens United 6/14/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect our Democracy. We are calling on Congress to reverse the disastrous Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. We call on Congress to restore the McCain-Feingold restrictions in effect under the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act which prohibited corporations and labor unions from making "electioneering commnications" within 30 days of a primary and 60 days of an election. Unrestricted communications are eroding the quality of our democracy by empowering the wealthiest among us to make exorbitant expenditures to buy elections. Television can be an informative tool but it is being employed to give special interests a decisive hand in legislative affairs. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 and ask Congress to overturn Citizens United

Health Care 6/21/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect American access to health care. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal have introduced the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act. If passed and signed into law this legislation would empower Medicare to cover the cost of all treatment for the uninsured and cover all out-of-pocket costs for those with insurance for as long as the pandemic continues, including the cost of coronavirus testing and an eventual vaccine, according to Daily Kos. Health Care can and should be a civil right and we ask Congress to recognize its importance and to shield the most vulnerable among us in order to increase the quality of our Democracy. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 and ask your Representative to pass the Health Care Eemergency Guarantee Act.

Voting Rights 6/28/2020  

This week in Washington we are working to protect voting rights. In Georgia this week according to the Working Families Party & The Washington Post voters faced a number of challenges: 1) broken machines, 2) ridiculously long lines, 3) untrained poll workers, 4) closed polling locations, 5) absentee ballots that never arrived, and 6) not enough provisional ballots. Americans who wanted to vote in person were forced to wait 3, 5 even 7 hours. Voters in some areas waited until midnight to cast ballots. According to The Nation there is legislation pending before the Congress to strengthen the quality of our democraccy, The National Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act would create vote-by-mail, early voting, and no excuse absentee voting. Call Congress today for this critical legislation @ 202 224 3121

This Week in

Washington Juneteenth 6/19/2020

This Week in

Washington Father's Day 6/21/2020  

Mother's Day 5/10/2020   

A Shared Community 7/1/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing about the fever of words that has gripped the nation in recent weeks since the killing of George Floyd. In the words of Bayard Rustin we must move "from protest to politics." We ask that officers be required to wear body cameras as is the case in Maryland and Illinois. Second, we ask that officers issue a warning preceding the use of lethal force as is the case in Boston, Massachusetts. Third, we ask for renewal of the assault-weapons ban in order to protect Americans from the mindless menace of violence. Fourth, we ask that departments across the country incorporate de-escalation training so that conflicts can be resolved through the use of language and words so there isn't a spiral into violence that can take often innocent life. Fifth, we ask for the hiring of more minority police officers. Women and African-American officers are critical to resolving the challenges of law enforcement. Sixth, we ask for community policing. If members of the community know their police officer that is walking the beat they are less likely to engage in conflict with them as is the case in Newark, New Jersey. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 to support our 6 point plan today. 

The People's Justice

Guarantee Act - H. Res 702 7/21/2020

This week in Washington we are writing for prison reform. The People's Justice Guarantee Act H. Res 702 calls on the United States to comprehensively remodel the criminal justice system and reshape our nation's approach to crime prevention according to the Congressional Research Service. First, 702 calls for Congress to prioritize decarceration and dramatically reduce jail and prison populations. Second, the Justice Gurantee Act would transform conditions for incarcerated individuals, including the elimination of solitary confinement, forced labor practices, and life without parole. Third, this critical legislation would end wealth based discriminatory practices such as cash bail and commissary price-gouging. Fourth, this legislation  would invest in diversion programs, restorative justice, reentry support, and rehabilitation. Fifth, this would reallocate resources from prisons and detention centers toward public housing and other critical resources. Call Congress to support H R.S 702 today @ 202 224 3121. 

This Week in Washington 

Independence Day Festivities July 4th  

This Week in

Washington Bastille Day July 14th 

Disability Reform 7/28/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing to protect and expand disability rights. We ask Congress for more community-based services, competitive employment and greater disability representation in government. We welcome Joe Biden's slew of changes that he is proposing in an effort to bring about "full equality" for those with disabilities. Biden's disability plan would: 1) boost Supplemental Security Income benefits, 2) fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 3) phase out subminimum wage, and 4) increase support for direct care providers as well as family caregivers, In addition, Biden's Plan would 5) review laws to make sure that individuals are able to exercise self-determination in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act. A sixth point to his plan is that he would appoint a director of diability policy at the White House and seven, he would work to pass legislation guaranteeing the choice to receive services in the community that was affirmed by the Supreme Court's Olmstead v. L.C. decision . Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121

The Poor People's Campaign 8/1/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing for social justice. We ask Congress to implement vote by mail for the November 2020 elections. Second, we ask that the Congress reinstate key protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Third, we ask for Congress to enact federal legislation that protects and expands the right to vote. Fourth, we ask that Congress make Election Day a National Holiday. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 

Gun Control 12/14/2019

This week in Washington we are writing for gun control. We call on Congress to ban saturday night specials which are small-caliber, compact, inexpensive hand guns that menace our nation's people in big cities and small towns across the country. We ask for an assault weapons ban, the kind of gun that has been used in countless school shootings across America. The Brady Bill has been an asset to law enforcement in the past and can once more be used in the future. High capacity magazines must also be banned to assure that the violence that plagues our country never comes back to haunt us again. We ask for a universal background check which a majority of Americans support and the ability to sue gun manufacturers for selling dangerous products. The Department of Health and Human Services must be able to study the effects of gun violence as a public health epidemic in order to secure the peace in our nation's universities, hospitals, farms, communities and our cities. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121 and ask for your Senator by State to support this critical list of reforms.

Open & Safe Schools 8/7/2020

This week in Washington we are writing for open and safe schools. We need a plan keep students, teachers, staff and families safe during the pandemic. We ask Secretary Betsy DeVos to closely follow the guidelines set forth in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The guidelines as she has suuggested are not "meant to be flexibile" and are not "merely guidlines." We ask for a mix of in person education combined with remote tele learning so that students can return to college campuses and universities as well as primary, secondary & high school education. School should not be a deadly game. The CDC guidelines call for "enhanced social distancing." Desks, the CDC recommends should be six feet apart combined with increased hand-washing and mask wearing schools can begin to open gradually watching for increases in COVID cases call Secretary DeVos @ 1-800 872 5327

Domestic Workers - Bill of Rights 8/14/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect domestic workers. We welcome candidate Joe Biden's plan to make benefits more accessible as many workers toil without recognition. According to Bold Progressives Biden's plan will: provide caregivers more dignity and respect through increased pay, benefits, and career training, improve workers' rights and conditions through the Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights, ensure access to high-quality affordable child care and offer universal preschool to three and four year olds. No family will spend more than 7 % of their income on child care. In addition, this plan will expand acccess to a broad array of long term services for older Americans by eliminating the current wait list for home and community services under Medicaid. This initative will expand home and community-based alternatives to care that allows unpaid care givers to work and improve care giving in our nation's most underserved communities by adding 150,000 community health workers. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121

Infrastructure 8/21/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to rebuild our nation's infrastructure. We support Vice President Biden's plan that will: 1) create millions of new union jobs, 2) modernize our crumbling infrastructure, 3) retro-fit buildings and 4) manufacture clean cars. In addition this plan will 5) create a carbon-free America by 2035 while also 6) create environmental justice for Flint, Michigan with 40% of green investments going to disadvantaged communities. Seven, this plan will create zero emissions in public transportation in our cities and 8) add a new climate division at the Department of Justice. Ninth, this plan will create a $2 trillion investment in clean energy while also retro fitting 4 million buildings, making housing cleaner and more affordable. Call Congress today @ (202) 224 3121 


County v. Holder


This week in Washington we are writing to protect civil rights. According to the Brennan Center for Justice "within 24 hours of the [Shelby county v. Holder] ruling Texas announced it would implement a strict photo id law. Two other states, Mississippi and Alabama also began to enforce photo ID law's previously barred because of federal pre clearence. These regulations have a disproportionate impact on minority communities. We ask Congress to restore Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, pre clearence before changing voting laws. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121  

A People's Union 9/1/2020 

This week in Washington we are writing to build a people's union. According to Bold Progressives Vice President Biden's plan for our country would allow workers to be free to organize a union without interference from employers and achieve union recognition. In addition, this would insure certification from the National Labor Relations Board with majority sign up through "card-check unionization." Biden's plan would impose stiff penalties for employers who obstruct workers from forming unions. Biden would end "right to work" laws that weaken unions and make us less safe as a nation. Joe's plan expands collective bargaining rights to all public workers while also protecting and expanding the right to strike for millions of private sector workers. Joe's plan would make the Employee Free Choice Act the law of the land. This would expand the right to strike beyond window periods outside of contracts so that the loathsome legacy of the Boys Markets Cases handed down by the Rehnquist Court would be repealed. Call Congress today and ask for support for the Employee Free Choice Act @ 202 224 3121.

Labor Day September 7th

The Postal

Service 10/1/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the postal service. Speaker Pelosi has called Congress back into session and passed the Delivering for America Act. This critical legislation would provide the postal service with $25 billion. The postal service delivers prescription medications to seniors and the disabled, pay checks, unemployment benefits, rent checks and utilities. It is used by small business and Americans voting by mail during the pandemic. 26 Republicans joined their Democratic colleagues in supporting this law. We ask Senator McConnell to pass this legislation immediately. Call the Capitol Switchboard today and ask for your Senator by state and urge them to vote for this legislation @ 202 224 3121.

Child Care

is Essential Act 10/7/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect American children. The Child Care is Essential Act will provide $ 50 billion in grants that can be used by child care providers for a wide array of costs associated with reopening. Associated legislation, the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act enhances the Child Care Tax Credit, doubles the amount that can be contributed to a dependent care flexibile spending account and creates a new refundable payroll tax credit for employers who offer dependent care services. These critical reforms harness the power of the free market to offset child care costs. This legislation invests $10 billion to improve child care safety through practices such as social distancing and sanitization. Lastly, it provides $ 850 million to support family care for essential workers. Call the Senate today @ 202 224 3121 and ask for your Senator's support by state. 

Civil Rights 

& Fair Housing 10/14/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect civil rights. We would like Secretary Carson the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to re instate Obama Administration guidances on civil rights to prevent racial discrimination. According to The Hill, the Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Rule requires local govt. to prove federal subsidies for housing projects would not go to developments with zoning laws or other discriminatory regulations. Call HUD today and let Ben Carson know you stand with America @ 202-708-1112 


Act 9/14/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to pass the Equality Act. If passed and enacted into law this legislation would strengthen civil rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Legal protection would expand in the following key areas; health care, housing, credit, public spaces and services, education, federal assisted programs and jury service. The House of Representatives passed this critical and ground breaking legislation in May of 2019 but the United States Senate is missing on this issue. Like many pieces of legislation this one has cleared the House only to languish in the Senate in legislative limbo. LGBTQ+ Americans raise children, pay taxes, get married and serve in our armed forces. It is time to recognize their full rights of citizenship. Call the US Senate at 202 224 3121 and ask for your Senator to support the Equality Act.

Rosh Hashanah 9/19-20/2020

Yom Kippur 9/28/2020 


Happy New Year 1/1/2020


Merry Christmas 12/25/2019


Health Service 11/1/2020  

This Week in Washington we are writing in order to protect Native Americans. On June 12th 2020 the Navajo Nation reported 100 new COVID-19 cases and 5 new deaths. Overall "6,740 Navajo have tested positive for the vieus and 322 have died" according to Daily Kos. On a per capita basis the Navajo Nation faces higher COVID-19 rates than New York State. COVID-19 persists in Indigenous communities partly due to a lack of funding for the Indian Health Service (IHS). All Native Americans are entitled to health care through the IHS. Unfortunately, like many civil service agencies they face chronic underfunding. For every $35 the federal government spends per capita on IHS facilities it spends $ 374 per capita for the nation as a whole. In addition to the IHS being underfunded federal and state authorities are refusing to allow tribal epidemiologists access to COVID-19 data while some states won't make agreements with tribes regarding contact tracing. Call the United State Senate today @ 202 224 3121 and demand justice for the American Indian.   


Columbus Day 10/12/2020

Student Debt 10/28/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to end student debt. Recently, Vice President Biden embraced cancelling $10,000 of student debt for millions suffering during this pandemic. According to Bold Progressives Biden also proposes "forgiving all undergraduate tuition-related federal student debt from public colleges and universities and private Historically Black Colleges and Universities for people earning up to $125,000. The current Administration has proposed ending the program that provides student debt relief for those who are in public service. For young Americans, "Biden wants to double the Pell Grant and make public colleges and universities tuition-free for all families with incomes below $ 125,000." Call Congress today and support this critical and path breaking reform @ 202 224 3121.


Debt 11/7/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to end student debt. In the last several weeks Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren introduced a bold plan for how the the Executive Branch can use executive authority to deliver meaningful relief to struggling Americans and broadly cancel $50,000 in student loan debt per student. "Over 40 million Americans are being crushed by over $1.5 trillion in federal student debt" according to Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. This debt prevents Americans from starting a business, buying a home, starting a fanily and makes many Americans drop out of college before completing their degree. In the middle of an economy badly hit by the pandemic student debt prevents a swift recovery. Many have lost their jobs and are laid off unable to find work. This debt represents a mortgage on the future of our youngest Americans and inhibits them from enjoying the blessings of our democracy. Congress through the Higher Education Act has already given the Secretary of Education the ability to modify, compromise, waive or release student loans. Call Secretary DeVos today @ 202 260 7867 and ask for student loan forgiveness.  

Fair Share Act 10/21/2020

This week in Washington we are writing for equality. The Fair Share Act is a proposal in Massachusetts to create an additional tax of 4 % on the portion of a person's annual income above $ 1 million. The new revenue in Massachusetts alone would be approximately $2 billion a year. This money would be spent on quality public education, affordable public colleges and universities, and the repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and public transportation. To ensure that the amendment continues to apply only to the highest income taxpayers, who have the ability to pay more, the $1 million threshold would be adjusted each year to reflect cost of living increases. This would create new revenue necessary to improve our public schools and pre-K programs, rebuild crumbling roads, bridges, sidewalks, and bike paths, make high quality public higher education affordable, and invest in fact and reliable public transportation for all. Call Congres today @ 202 224 3121 and ask your Representative to support a fair share for all Americans.


Armistice/Veterans Day 11/11/2020


Worker's Bill of Rights


This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American worker. This year a great number of workers that are essential are working in "high-risk conditions without appropriate protective equipment, adequate safety standards, or basic job protections," according to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. A Worker's Bill of Rights would ensure safe working conditions, fair pay, paid leave, health care security, support for child care and more. The labor movement has brought us the weekends, the 8 hour day, closed sweatshops for children, paid sick leave, the 40 hour work week and more. With many front line workers risking their lives due to the pandemic it is more crucial than ever that we honor the sacrifices of working people. We need an America that works for the many not just the few. Grocery workers for example should receive hazardous duty pay as they are on the front lines of the pandemic. Universal health care must become a reality for every day workers not just those who can afford it. Call Congress today at 202 224 3121 and ask for an Essenrtial Workers Bill of Rights. 


Ash Wednesday 2/26/2020

Equality Act 12/1/2020

This Week in Washington we are writing for the Equality of the American People. It is critical that all Americans have equal access to employment, education, housing, health care and public accommodations. Legislation like the Equality Act that prohibits discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity is critical to securing our democracy. In addition, the Every Child Deserves a Family Act that bans federally-funded foster care or adoption agencies from discriminating against children, families and individuals because of their religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and marital status are important steps towards an equal public sphere. Access to social services should be available no matter who you love. Call the Capitol Switchboard today at 202 224 3121 and ask for your Senator by state to protect equal rights under the law. 


Security 11/21/2020

This week in Washington we are writing to protect Social Security. Earlier this year Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee's Social Security subpanel, John Larson introduced a bill to nullify IRS guidance implementing the Social Security payroll tax deferral according to The Hill. Chairman Larson also introduced a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to overturn the IRS guidance. The federal government is set to defer payroll taxes for its employees. Congress has expressed concerns about the impact of the payroll tax deferral on Social Security. Larson desecribed these steps as the "first step in defunding Social Security." This program is a sacred trust that is ued to protect seniors and the disabled and it must be protected. Call Congress tday at (202) 224 3121 and your Representative to protect Social Security.

Equal Taxation 12/21/2020

This Week in Washington we are writing for equal taxation. The top income tax bracket must be restored. According to The Boston Globe the top tier can be restored to 39.6 percent from 37 percent, the level that taxation was at before Washington cut taxes in 2017. This increase would only affect "individuals earning more than $518,400 and couples filing jointly who make more than $622.050." The Democratic party's plan to reform our nation's tax system includes "upping the corporate tax from 21 percent to 28 percent, (a 50 percent repeal of the Trump cuts) and raising the capital gains tax from 23.8 percent to 39.6 percent for the highest earners." The Biden campaign stressed that Biden "won't ask a single person making under $ 400,000 per year to pay a penny more in taxes, and will in fact enact more than one-dozen middle class tax cuts," including an expansion of the child tax credit, as well as credits for home buying, health care and child care. 

Native American Voting Rights Act 


This Week in Washington we are writing for the American Indian. Native Communities have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic and the partial repeal of sections of the Voting Rights Act. Tribal Americans were compelled to "close some early voting locations in New Mexico's primary election earlier this year," according to Daily Kos. An important first step in restoring the right of the franchise would be passage of the Native American Voting Rights Act. This critical legislation would expand voter registration and polling locations in Native Communities. The time has come for law makers to address the widespread disenfranchising of Native communities. An example of this disenfranchisement is when North Dakota instituted a voter ID law that excluded Native community members who did not have a state-issued form of identification. In Shelby County vs. Holder the Supreme Court stripped voting rights for communities across the board in states like Arizona with large tribal populations. Voting must be a convenient form of democracy, as easy as crossing the street. Join Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) and Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM-3) in passing the Native American Voting Rights Act. Call Congress @ 202 224 3121.

Big Pharma 11/28/2020

This Week in Washington we are writing for equal health care. Recently, Bold Progressives Rep. Katie Porter grilled Big Pharma CEO's on Capitol Hill. CEO Mark Alles a Big Pharma CEO got paid half a million dollars from tripling the price of a cancer drug. Yearly Alles's salary is $ 13 million a year. According to Katie Porter that is "200 times the average American's income and 360 times what the average senior gets on Social Security. Porter documents in Congressional testimony that Alles received  half a million dollars by tripling the cost of cancer drug Revlimid. Patients didn't get any better, the pharmaceutical didn't get any better. Alles just got better at making money. Call Congress @ 202 224 3121 and ask for equality.

Civil Rights & Housing 1/7/2021

This Week in Washington we are writing for equal housing. According to The New York Times, Sen. Bernie Sanders plan for fair housing would: 1) build and rehabilitate 7.4 million affordable housing units, 2) build 2 million mixed-income units, 3) enact a national rent control standard, chaining rent increases to inflation, 4) end homelessness and 5) fully fund the Section 8 housing voucher program. Call Congress for Fair Housing today @ 202 224 3121 

Paycheck Protection Program 12/7/2020

This Week in Washington we are writing for paycheck protection. Congress in the spring of this year passed the C.A.R.E.S. Act that included the Paycheck Protection Program according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The C.A.R.E.S. Act allows the Small Business Administration (SBA) to make loans to businesses with less than 500 employees, capped at $10 million. The loan will be fully forgiven if funds are spent on payroll, rent, mortgage interest and utilities. PPP was re authorized for a second round of funding under the Paychck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act but funds tapered off over the summer. The program has been silent since August 8th, Small business is the heart of the American economy and nobody succeeds unless everybody succeeds. We ask Senator Mitch McConnell to re open this program with the same urgency he rammed through the most recent Supreme Court nomination. We must once more become a functioning democracy. Call the Senate at (202) 224 3121.

End the Death Penalty 1/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to end the death penalty. We are asking Congress for swift passage of H.B. 4052 which will remove the power of the president to use executions for political purposes. This legislation will end the death penalty and prohibit further federal executions. The Death Penalty is not swift, certain or severe and it is thus an incorrect tool in fighting crime. It takes years for the death penalty to take effect and renders it useless as a deterrent. It is not certain as multiple appeals may rescind a ruling in favor of the death penalty. It is not severe as the "justice of the streets," may be crueler than a lethal injection from the Government. Call Congress today @ (202) 224 3121 and ask for an end to the death penalty by passing H.B. 4052.

Higher Education 1/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to promote higher education. Congress recently passed legislation, according to Politico that would "forgive nearly $1.3 billion in federal loans to historically Black colleges and universities, deliver Pell grants to incarcerated students and simplify financial aid forms." These reforms are a beginning not an end. We ask Congress to make public university tuition free as recently reported by The New York Times. In addition, in a joint op-ed, Senators Chuck Schumer of New York and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts argued for $50,000 of debt cancellation. These loans represent a mortgage on the future of our youngest and most idealistic Americans. Starting a family, building a home, starting a business are all out of reach because of the crushing burden of student-debt. Call Congress to support debt cancellation and ask for your Representative at (202) 224 3121. 

Health Care 2/1/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American people. Amid the rancor of the Coronavirus debate important issues are being ignored. One former journalist writing for The American Prospect described how $ 4,000 in outstanding ambulance bills damaged her credit and made it more difficult to achieve economic and housing stability. Ground ambulance transport has been excluded from legislation pending before the Congress allowing hospitals and insurance companies to write the legislation that determines outcomes according to The New Republic. Kaiser Health News found that charges can run up to several thousand dollars for rides that may only last a few miles. Insurance companies are often unwilling to foot the bill saddling patients with exorbitant medical costs. No one should be forced to choose between balancing a kitchen table budget and receiving the life saving care they so sorely need. Call Congress today @ (202) 224 3121 and request that ambulatory care be covered by the Insurance Companies. 

This Week in Washington

Merry Christmas 12/25/2020

This Week In Washington Happy New Year 1/1/2021

Happy Chanukah 12/10-18/2020

Immigration Reform 


This week in Washington we are writing for immigration reform. According to The New York Times Biden's plan offers a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people. This plan would allow for "undocumented immigrants... in the U.S. before January 1st to apply for temporary legal status while passing background checks and paying taxes. A new category would be created for them, "lawful prospective immigrants." New Americans would be "authorized to work, join the military and travel without fear of deportation. After five years. they could apply for green cards." This would allow them to travel to and from the United States free of fear of being deported or not let back into the country. The Statue of Liberty quotes the immortal words of Emma Lazarus, "give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free... I lift up my lamp beside the golden door." Join us in calling on Congress to honor the pledge made on the Statue of Liberty and welcome undocumented Americans to this country. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121.

Women's Rights


This week in Washington we are writing to protect women's rights. There are several critical pieces of legislation pending before the Congress that must be passed "with all deliberate speed." First, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act that will "protect workers who need temporary job modifications during their pregancies" so they won't have to choose between their paycheck and having a healthy pregnancy," according to the ACLU. Second, Congress must pass the PUMP Act, (Proving Urgent Maternal Protections) for Nursing Mothers Act, to make sure that workers who need to pump on the job can do so safely, and without penalty. Third, we would like to see Congress enact the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act to make the promise of the #MeToo movement a reality and create workplaces free of harassment "in all its forms." Fourth and finally we would like to see the Federal Govnernment expunge past convictions and re sentence people with marijuana convictions. Call Congress otday to make justice a reality @ ( 202 ) 224 3121 

Drug Sentencing Reform


This Week in Washington we are writing for drug sentencing reform. According to Congressman Tim Ryan "the United States of America has the highest incarceration rate in the world." He continues "last year, more Americans were arrested for marijuana possession than for all violent crimes combined. 1 in 4 Americans are locked up for low level drug offenses. In addition, people of color are nearly four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white Americans, despite using marijuana at similar rates. Taxpayers spend over $ 80 billion every year to put Americans in prison, and in many cases, saddle them with a lifelong record that hurts their prospects for jobs, education, and starting a new life. We ask Congress to invest resources that are used to imprison low level drug offenders in different ways, to invest in education, housing, health care, drug rehabilitation and job training programs. Call Congress today for sentencing reform @ 202 244 3121.  

Voting Rights


This week in Washington we are writing to protect voting rights. We ask Congress to allow election officials to process mail-in ballots before election day in a central location. Second, we ask Congress to allow election officials to count all ballots mailed by election day (for the general election only). Third, we ask Congress to provide return postage for ballots (and applications if possible). Fourth, we ask that Congress mandate that election officials 'provide more time for voter registration before elections.' According to Common Cause, in state after state last spring, we have seen beleagured election officials unable to keep up  with the demand for absentee ballots. We ask that Secretaries of State mail a ballot application to every registered voter 90 days before an election. In addition, we demand that Secretaries across the country create an on-line portal where voters can request a ballot. We believe that it is critical that Congresss mandate that Secretaries across the country mail ballots to all registered voters. We ask for early central processing ballots to avoid delays and increase the strength of our elections process. Call Congress @ 202 224 3121 and demand electoral reform. 


Ash Wednesday 2/17/2021


President's Day 2/15/2021


Martin Luther King Day 1/18/2021


Valentine's Day 2/14/2021

Google Unionization


This week in Washington we are writing to protect the right to organize. According to The Hill more than 200 Google employees announced the creation of a union. The Alphabet Workers Union, referring to Google's parent company is launching with support from the Communication Workers of America. Google software engineer Dylan Baker said "we will elect representatives, we will make decisions democratically, we will pay dues and we will hire skilled organizers to ensure all workers at Google know they can work with us if they actually want to see their company reflect their values." Google has a history of unionization. In 2018 Google announced it would end its practice of forced arbitration after 20,000 workers staged a walkout critical of the company's handling of misconduct. The National Labor Relations Board last month  faulted Google for allegedly illegally firing two workers  who were organizing against the company moving to hire a notorious union-busting firm. The Alphabet Workers Union has several major tasks ahead of it. Gathering support from enough of Alphabet's 120,000 workers will be a daunting task. Additionally, Google may not recognize the union voluntarily given its history of tamping down worker organizing. Call the National Labor Relations Board today and ask them to recognize the Alphabet Workers Union @ 1-844-762-6572 

Wealth Tax 4/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to support a wealth tax. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Pramila Jayapal and Brendan Boyle recently announced new legislation pending before the Congress. This wealth tax would effect households with a net worth of more than $50 million dollars according to Bold Progressives. Money made from this tax could go to critical programs like child care, health care and jobs. This would tax these upper income workers at 2% for millionaires who have earned between $ 50 million and $1 billion and 3 % for billionaire households. Ten million Americans are out of work and many Americans struggle sitting around a kitchen table trying to figure out what if anything they can do to make ends meet and pay the bills. It is time to honor hard work and promote equality through a wealth tax. Call your member of Congress today at (202) 224 3121. 

For the People Act 4/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to reform our democracy. Recently, the House of Representatives passed the 'For the People Act,' H.R. 1. We call on the United States Senate to make this legislation a reality by passing it so that it can get signed into law. If enacted it will create 15 days of voting so that people can get to the polls. It would make Election Day a federal holiday so that people could get off work in order to cast a ballot in an election. It would make voter registration automatic at motor vehicle administrations across the country so that people would have to opt out instead of opt in to increase the number of voters in elections. In addition, it would create same day voter registration so that new neighbors and Americans from all walks of life could register on the day of an election and cast a ballot the same day. We must honor the hard work of our legislators in Congress by enacting this legislation into law. Call the United States Senate today @ 202 224 3121 and ask them to pass this legislation. Ask for your Senator by State.


St. Patrick's Day  3/17/2021


Passover 3/27/2021


Palm Sunday 3/28/2021


Good Friday 4/2/2021

Easter 4/4/2021


Equality Act 5/1/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect gay equality. In America it is still lawful for stores, restaurants and hotels as well as federally funded programs like hospitals, colleges, and adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ Americans according to Daily Kos. If enacted into law the Equality Act would take its place as civil rights legislation that ensures that gay Americans, who pay taxes, go to work every day, serve in our armed forces and raise children would receive the same rights acccorded every other American. This legislation would ensure that LGBTQ people "are covered by consistent, explicit, and nationwide non-discrimination protections in employment, housing, services," and public accommodations. This legislation explicitly establishes permanent protections against discrimination based on an individuals sexual orientation or gender identity. Call the Senate at 202 224 3121 and ask for your Senator by state to pass this critical and ground breaking legislation.


AFSC & Child Detention 5/7/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to unite families. Specifically we are asking the Department of Homeland Security to keep from reopening the Homestead Detention Center in the state of Florida. Imprisoning children seeking refuge is not the solution to our immigration problem. According to the American Friends Service Committee many of these children are "fleeing violence and poverty," when they seek asylum in the United States. Restoring the number of people accepted into the United States for asylum is a good first step and we celebrate the steely eyed determination of the Biden Administration. Now we ask that it goes further. We ask that the Administration prioritize uniting migrant children with families or sponsors and promote "community-based" alternatives to detention that are in compliance with the rights of children. Call Homeland Security today at (202) 282 8010 and ask for community alternatives to child detention.


Internet Access a Public Utility - 5/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing for internet access. The coronavirus pandemic has made society more dependent on reliable internet access for school, work, health care and entertainment. Despite this 15 million Americans still do not have access to the internet while 25 million do not have access to faster broadband. Rural communities are isolated from internet access in particular. We believe that the FCC should make the internet a public utility. We cannot allow corporations to profit by offering unequal access to the web. "The FCC can help enusre all people in the U.S. can easily connect with their classmates, colleagues, health care providers and communities at large," according to Daily Kos. Call the Federal Communications Commission today at 1 (888) 225 5322 

Big Pharma 12/7/2019 

This week in Washington we are writing to reform our nation's health care laws. Speaker Pelosi has introduced an innovative plan that would reduce costs and save money for the American people. Her plan would save Medicare $345 billion over the course of 10 years. This plan would reduce the cost of health insurance, put money back into the pockets of the American people and give millions of Americans access to life-saving drugs. Lowering prescription drug prices will help our government and our people keep our social compact. Innovative medication like PrEP that prevents the transmission of HIV/AIDS can become an affordable reality not an expensive privilege for the few. We stand with Speaker Pelosi. Call Congress today at (202) 224 3121 and ask for your Representatives support for this innovative plan to reduce health care expenditures. 

Gun Control 6/14/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to enact gun control. There are two critical pieces of legislation pending before the Congress that must be passed "with all deliberate speed. The Bipartisan Background Checks Act, H.R. 8 and The Enhanced Background Checks, H.R. 1466. H.R. 8 ensures that individuals already prohibited from gun possession, like felons and domestic abusers are unable to get firearms by closing a loophole that exempts unlicensed gun sellers from having to perform  a background check before selling a firearm. H.R. 1466 addresses the "Charleston Loophole" extending the background check review period from three days to ten days. The Charleston massacre would not have occurred if the gunman had an extended background check that would have revealed his inelgibiity to possess a firearm. Call the United States Senate today and ask for your Senator by state @ 202 224 3121.

American Families Plan 6/7/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to strengthen the American Family. Recently, Jamaal Bowman of LeftNet wrote an op-ed in The Guardian explaining why President Biden's Plan must move beyond traditional definitions of infrastructure. The Executive Branch has responded. Infrastructure can't stop "at just steel, concrete and transport. It must also include education and the care economy. In The American Plan the administration includes funding  for teachers, childcare workers, health care workers and home aides. The Plan includes "universal child care and pre-K, six months of paid family leave, high-quality home and community-based serrvcies for seniors and people with disabilities." The American Families Plan is a once in a generation opportunity to heal this nation while assuring that the care economy is equipped with the critical resources necessary to care for the American family. This legislation would extend the Child Care Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit to make poverty history in the United States. The American Families Plan would fund $ 200 billion in spending on child care, $200 billion to make pre kindergarten universal and free, fund $ 200 billion towards paid familu and medical leave while also funding $ 300 billion to make community college free. Finally an additional $200 billion would go towards strengthening the Affordable Care Act. Call Congress today to make this legislation a reality @ 202 224 3121.

The American Jobs Plan 6/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to promote the American Jobs Plan. According to The New York Times the plan proposes $ 174 billion to encourage "the manufacture and purchase of electric vehicles." In addition it would include $ 100 billion to repair the nation's electric grids. This legislation would do the following; "provide $ 16 billion to help fossil fuel workers transition to new work, $10 billion for a Civilian Climate Corps, $ 180 billion for research & development, $ 115 billion for roads and bridges, $85 billion for public transit, $ 80 billion for Amtrak freight rail, $ 42 billion for ports and airports, $ 100 billion for broadband to strengthen our internet infrastructure and $ 11 billion for water infrastructure." This plan seeks to repair 10,000 smaller bridges across the country and create electirc school buses across the country. The American Jobs Plan would restock  the country's Strategic National Stockpile of pharmaceuticals, including vaccines in preparation for future pandemics. We have worked our way through a dark winter and the sun is rising and beginning to shine once more. Call Congress today to support President Biden's Plan. The Capitol can be reached at (202) 224 3121. 


John Lewis Voting Rights Act 7/1/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the franchise. If passed and signed into law the Voting Rights Act would restore key provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 including the requirement of pre-clearance before a state make changes to it's voting laws. In addition, the U.S. Attorney General's office would be allowed to send observers to states that the Court's have deemed necessary. The Voting Rights Act would prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, or membership in a language minority group. The right to vote is a sacred part of our democracy and must be protected as such. No American should ever have to fear discrimination at the polls. Our country was founded to broaden the franchise and include those that have been left out in the world. Make a telephone call to Congress today to protect the right to vote @ 202 224 3121.

Memorial Day 5/31/2021

Mother's Day 5/9/2021

Ramadan 4/13/2021


Public Health & Civil Rights 5/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect civil rights. According to Left Net the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the grave inequalities in our public health system. African and Latin Americans are 3 times more likely to contract COVID-19 and 2 times more likely to die from it. From the African American maternal mortality rate to the health care system African and Latin Americans are dying in unprecedented numbers. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Ayanna Pressley and Barbara Lee have re introduced the Anti-Racism in Public Health Act. We need Congress to support research that will develop anti-racism policies and practices in our federal health care system. The Anti Racism in Public Health Act would create a "National Center for Anti-Racism" and declare racism a public health crises. Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 and ask for your Representatives support. 

Father's Day 6/20/2021

Immigration Reform 1/14/2021 

This week in Washington we are writing to reform our nation's broken immigration system. We ask the Congress to reform our nation's immigration detention system to make it more humane. We ask that the Federal Government stop separating migrant children from their families. In addition, we believe that it is critical that we stop depriving refugees seeking asylum from a welcome as they enter the United States. Change for Progress requests that the new Congress "impose a moratorium on deportations, new arrests and detentions; and to work with Congress on legislation that creates a roadmap to citizenship," as recently requested by Move Call Congress today at 202 224 3121.


Paycheck Fairness Act 7/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect paycheck fairness. Recently the House of Representatives passed the Paycheck Fairness Act to end discrimination once and for all. This critical legislation will; 1) ban retaliation against employees who disclose their salaries to co workers, 2) Require employers to prove that pay disparities exist for legitimate, job related reasons and 3) prohibit employers from using prior salaries to determine future pay. Pay inequity harms our nation's women, families and economy. Women still only make 82 cents on the dollar when compared with the earnings of men in the workforce. According to Congressman Ruppersberger over the course of a lifetime this can cost upwards of $ 400,000. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the situation forcing women to lose their jobs or reduce their hours. Call the Senate at (202) 224 3121 and ask for your Senator by state to support the Paycheck Fairness Act. 


Guantanamo, Cuba 8/7/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Since 2002, the United States  imprisoned 800 individuals in the naval station. The Executive Branch has taken long strides towards freedom in releasing these prisoners to their home country or bringing these men to trial. According to Daily Kos many were tortured during indefinite detention in violation of the 4th Amendment's prohibition of "cruel and unusual punishment." The law must follow the flag. If prisoners are held by the United States they must also be protected by the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution. Article 1, Section 9, Clause 2 guarantees the right to Habeas Corpus, the right to be confronted with the evidence against them. They must be charged with a crime or released. Enemy Combatant is a fictitous legal category. Men being detained have rights as Prisoners of War under the Geneva Convention. No more Kanagaroo Courts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has charged, tried and imprisoned terrorists for decades. We ask that the Guantanamo detainees be released to the custody of the Department of Justice. Call the Pentagon @ (703) 697 1776 and ask for a just transition.


The Postal Service 7/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the postal service. Millions of Americans rely on this national treasure to provide medication for the sick and disabled, paychecks for workers and other services. As a method of communication the postal service is unrivaled. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has needlessly obstructed the function of this vital institution by removing mail boxes, causing intentional slow downs & threatening the pensions of our civil servants. Think of your local diligent postal worker and remember that they rely on us to keep faith with their efforts to bind the nation together. We ask the current Administration to replace Ron Bloom on the USPS Board of Governors and fire Louis DeJoy for needlessly slowing down service and harming the postal service. The Postal Service is one of the largest employers of veterans of our Armed Forces and is full of good union jobs that must be protected. Call the current Administration @ (202) 456 1111.


Nike & Fed Ex 8/1/2021

This week in Washington we are writing for equal taxation. In 2020 after basking in record profits corporations like Fed Ex & Nike paid zero dollars in federal income taxes, causing average Americans to shoulder the burden through the free rider effect. Under this system an average American pays more in taxes than some of the largest corporations in the United States. The Biden Administration has proposed a remedy to this uneven struggle in the public arena. First, the Administration proposes increasing the Corporate Tax Rate from 21 to 28 %. Second, the Administration proposes closing loopholes that have incentivized multinational corporations to outsource jobs and shift profits to offshore tax havens. Third, Biden-Harris proposes placing a 15 % minimum tax on corporations so they can't get away with paying $ 0 in taxes. Fourth, according to Daily Kos the Made in America Tax Plan will end fossil fuel tax subsidies. Call Congress today and stand with the courageous Biden Administration and demand tax equity @ (202) 224 3121  


Child Tax Credit & Poverty 8/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to combat poverty. A generation has passed since the reforms of the 1960's when America declared War on Poverty. Reforms like Medicare and Medicaid ushered in an era in which senior citizens no longer represent the poor. Poverty in America is disproportionately represented by children. 1 in 7 children in America live in poverty and African American children are far more likely to experience a childhood in poverty. The Biden Administration's heroic efforts in the American Rescue Plan are charting a path to a future without poverty. By expanding the Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit historic reductions in poverty are now possible. We call on Congress to make these credits permanent so that we can place a floor under the standard of living of our nation's children. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a future where children are not "judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Call Congress today and ask them to make the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit expansion permanent @ (202) 224 3121   


Education Equity 8/14/2021

This week in Washington we are writing for education equity. We call on Congress to make larger investments in public education. It is not enough to put money into our schools. We need to create a seamless nationwide network of support and enrichment for our young people that starts at birth and continues into adulthood. We must do the following; 1) create an affordable universal early care and Pre-K system, 2) we must scale American efforts to achieve digital equity. Too many schools are competing for fewer resources even though we know that the internet is the future. We need an education policy that recognizes this and make the critical investments in our children's future that will build a bridge to prosperity as we enter the 3rd decade of the 21st century. 3) We must expand student's ability to access college courses through dual enrollment. 4) America must create an integrated, supportive system that guarantees American students a path to post-secondary completion. Call Congress @ 202 224 3121 and ask for a 21st century education system.    


Pregnant Workers Fairness Act 7/14/2021

No woman should have to choose between a healthy pregnancy and keeping their job. Women now make up more than half of the American workforce. According to Daily Kos two thirds of women are either the primary or co-bread winner in their household. Of these women, three-quarters will be pregnant at one point in their career. Many pregnant women will face some sort of conflict regarding their duties due to their pregnancy. Women are often forced to quit their job or work more than necessary to simply keep their job. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, (H.R. 1065) would create a national standard for workplaces to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers. Pregnant workers would not be required to take leave if another reasonable alternative is available. Women would be able to take care of their health while also keeping their job. Workplace stress has added to too many miscarriages and premature births. Call Congress to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act @ (202) 224 3121. 


A Federal Minimum Wage 7/7/2021

This week in Washington we are writing for a living wage. Over 1.1 million workers make $7.25 / hour or less. Almost 10 million people remain unemployed nationwide due to the economic crises fueled by the pandemic. Congress has not voted to raise the minimum wage since the Bush Administration. The last phased increase in the minimum wage happened in 2009. This is the longest period of no increase in the minimum wage since its inception 80 years ago. Corporate profits for corporations like Amazon and Walmart are in record territory while 1 in 9 Americans still live in poverty. No one who holds a job should have to live in poverty. Today we write for the dignity of man and the destiny of democracy. Call Congres today @ (202) 224 3121 and ask for a $15 federal minimum wage. 




This week in Washington we are writing for our nation's senior citizens and the disabled. Prescription drug prices are 4 to 10 times what they are in other wealthy industrialized countries. Enough is enough it is time for reform. The Lower Drug Costs Now Act which passed the House will reduce costs for pharmaceuticals in the United States. This legislation will first, give Medicare the power to negotiate directly with Big Pharma and second, make lower prices negotiated by Medicare available to all insured Americans. Third, this legislation will cap out of pocket prescription drugs at $ 2,000. Fourth, this legislation will reinvest savings into vision, dental & hearing so that Americans can have access to affordable quality health care. This critical legislation will make sure that the price for any medicine is commensurate with prices from other countries. In closing, this legislation will reverse years of unfair price hikes. Call Senator McConnell today at (202) 224 3121 and ask the Majority Leader to bring this legislation up for a vote in the United States Senate.  


Equality Act 9/1/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect civil rights by passing the Equality Act. Gay Americans are our friends and neighbours, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and parents. We must honor their membership in our community by passing this legislation. Gay Americans face discrimination in education, employment, housing, health care and public accommodations. This is abhorrent. Gay Americans serve in our Armed Forces, pay taxes, raise families and abide by our system of Government. All that they ask in return is that they be treated as equals before the law. Inequality reins in 29 states in the Union and the Equality Act is the cure to this illness of inequality. Gay Americans can get fired or denied housing just for who they are according to Daily Kos. Many years have passed since the Stonewall rebellion in 1969 and several years have passed since marriage equality came like a lightning flash from the Supreme Court. We must keep up the momentum by passing the Equality Act in the Senate. Call the Capitol switchboard @ (202 224-3121 and ask for your Senator by State   


The Death Penalty 10/1/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to end the death penalty. Recently, the Biden Administration declared a moratorium on the death penalty which is a great start, but we have further to go. We ask the Administration to commute federal death row sentences. During the campaign, Biden vowed to end the death penalty. We ask that he do so by commuting the death sentences of federal death row inmates. According to Daily Kos, "the Justice Department comitted to reviewing it's policies and procedures to ensure that everyone is afforded their constitutional rights and are treated fairly and humanely," noting that obligation "has special force in capital cases." The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution states that there should be a prohibition on "cruel and unusual punishment." In a previous case, Furman v. Georgia the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty is unconstitutional. According to Daily Kos "prosecutorial misconduct, bias, unreliable jailhouse informants, junk science, grievous mistakes by defense counsel and more create a grave risk of wrongful conviction and sentencing." Call the Justice Department today @ (202) 514 2000 and ask for Justice to commute the sentences of death row sentences. 


Disability Rights 9/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to pass the SSI Restoration Act for Disabled Americans (H.R. 3763). This legislation according to Congress if signed into law would; 1) update eligibility for the Supplemental Security Income program, 2) update SSI benefit amounts and repeal the marriage penalty, 3) exclude support and maintain furnished in kind benefits not included as income, 4) exclude retirement accounts from resources, 5) repeal the penalty for disposal of resources for less than fair market value, 6) clarify the treatment of certain state tax credits, 7) eliminate dedicated accounts for certain past-due benefits, 8) eliminate installment payment requirements, 9) extend periods of exclusion of certain payments from countable resources and 10) modify rules to determine marital relationships. According to The Nation this legislation would "help more than 8 million disabled Americans from falling below the poverty line by simplifying the claims process and dedicating greater resources to support independent living." The pandemic has brought to light how necessary bold, public intiatives are for the health and safety of all. Call the Capitol switchboard @ (202) 224 3121 to support H.R. 3763.


Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals 10/7/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect immigration. According to Daily Kos the Democratic Party must "include a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented youth, essential workers, farm workers and immigrants with Temporary Protected Status." Budget Reconciliation requires that every single Democrat cast their votes in favor of this critical reform so we need to turn up the pressure on Congress to make sure they pass this legislation. If passed and signed into law it will create "a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants - many of whom are essential workers." Immigrants must be greeted at the border with hot soup and bread not by rubber bullets and tear gas. The Statue of Liberty reads, "give me you tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, i lift my lamp beside the golden door." The first Americans, colonists arrived here seeking refuge from religious persecution. Our history as a nation recognizes the rights of immigrants. We must extend the hand of friendship to these newest Americans and incorporate them into our lives. Many were brought here as children through no fault of their own, others fleeing religious persecution, and still others to make a new way of life. Call the United States Senate today and ask your Senator to favor immigration reform @ (202) 224 3121.


Student Debt - 9/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to combat student debt. For far too long student debt has weighed on our youngest and most idealistic University graduates. It prevents them from starting a business, starting a family or buying their first home. In some Western European countries students have a civil right to an affordable college education. The time has come for change. Universities in the United States should not act as enablers for predatory loan practices that shoulder a lifetime of debt on unwitting college students. Recently, the Biden Administration showed leadership in extending the student loan pause to January. We ask that the Administration follow the direction of Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Sen. Elizabeth Warren & Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts in choosing to cancel the debt. We need the Sec. of Education to "solve the student loan crises," as Sen. Warren writes by cancelling student loan debt. Over 30 million Americans carry this debt with them it is time to lighten the heavy burdens carried by our youth. For many youngsters these payments are the size of their rent, their car payment, groceries or child care. Call (202) 401 2000 and ask Secretary Miguel Cardona for debt relief.


Gun Control 8/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the American People. Last month we acknowledged two very grim milestones. It's been five years since the Pulse night club shooting in Florida, one of the worst hate crimes to impact the LGBTQ community in recent memory. In addition, six years have passed since the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Unfortunately, crimes like these are increasing. The law only prevents felons convicted of hate crimes from purchasing or possessing a firearm. This leaves the door open for misdemeanor hate crime perpetrators to purchase a gun. The Disarm Hate Act, H.R. 2708 prohibits anyone convicted of a misdemeanor-level hate crime from buying or possessing a firearm. This legislation includes anyone who received an enhanced sentence for a misdemeanor crime after a judge determines that they acted with hate or bias motivation. This hate crimes law includes many threatening kinds of conduct such as assaults that do not result in physical injury, damage or destruction of property and threats or harrassment of members of a protected class. Call the Capitol, contact your Senators & Representatives and ask that they support this critical legislation @ 202 224 3121.


Paid Family & Medical Leave 9/14/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect family & medical leave. "Sen. Tammy Duckworth & Rep. Ayanna Pressley introduced the Support Through Loss Act, this legislation would require employers to provide paid family leave for people experiencing pregnancy loss or other barriers to starting a family, such as a failed adoption arrangement or a medical diagnosis that impacts prengnancy or fetility. The Support Through Loss Act would create other large scale changes by investing $ 45 million per year in the National Institute of Health for pregnancy loss and miscarriage research. The bill also requires the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop and share information about pregnancy loss." Call Congress today @ 202 224 3121 and ask for your Senator's & Representative's to champion the Support Through Loss Act.   


Labor Day 9/6/2021


A People's Union 10/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing for a people's union. Several months ago the House of Representatives passed H.R. 842, the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021. This critical and path breaking legislation would usher in the most far-reaching labor reforms since the New Deal. 47 of 50 Democrats in the United States Senate have co sponsored it including West Virginia's Joe Manchin. 3 Senators are missing from the legislation, Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema and Virginia Senator Mark Warner. According to the Working Families Party a majority of voters in 13 battleground states support the PRO Act. During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln said that "their is a great invisible strength in a people's union." Let's make his words a reality. Call the Capitol Switchboard and ask for Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema also ask for Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia and ask for their support for the PRO Act at (202) 224 3121.


Civil Rights & Fair Housing 10/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing for civil rights and fair housing. Boston Mayoral candidate John Barros has released a 7 point plan that would make an affordable housing unit an equal an accessible right not just an expensive privilege for the few. Barros's plan would; 1)Protect tenants - by lifting up residents who are at risk of eviction, 2) preserve and increase the availability of affordable housing for seniors and people with disabilities, 3) focus on climate resilience by retrofitting old buildings with new technologies to create green housing to prepare current and future housing for climate change. In addition, Barros would; 4) address racial disparities and discrimination by breaking down barriers to home ownership and build wealth in minority communities. 5) Barros would work with partners to address housing shortages by bringing community leaders together to build more affordable and accessible units across the city and region. 6) The plan calls for supporting housing first for those experiencing homelessness because housing is health care and a right. 7th and finally the plan would build and support shared ownership programs to allow community members to actively shape the creation of their neighborhoods. Call Congress today @ (202) 224 3121 and ask them to consider this program for reform.


Public Safety 10/14/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect the public. According to Daily Kos, "the United States relies on a flawed approach to public safety that has focused on criminalization, surveillance, and incarceration instead of care, justice and healing." Disproportionately the weight of the criminal justice system has struck the young, the disabled and communities of color. The People's Response Act advances a new direction for our country. It advances "an inclusive, holistic, and health centered approach to public safety by creating a public safety division within the Department of Health and Human Services. This legislation would; 1) Establish the Division of Community Safety at the Department of Health and Human Services to oversee grant making, research coordination, and other support for non-carceral, non punitive approaches to public safety, 2) create a federal first responders unit that will support states and local governments with emergency health crises, as well as a First Responders Hiring Grant to fund non-carceral first responders, 3) provide resources for community-based organizations to implement non-carceral, non punitive investments in community safety, and 4) fund and incentivize state and local governments to shrink their criminal-legal systems and invest in community-led non-carceral, non punitive approaches to public safety. Call Congress and ask for your Representatives support of the People's Response Act @ 202 224 3121.


Civil Rights & Fair Housing 12/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect housing. Change for Progress would like to see $ 300 billion allocated by the federal government to support down payment assistance, affordable home construction and several other housing programs. According to Politico this investment in housing is the "largest in a generation." According to Lisa Rice President and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance, "if you don't address're not going to be able to address anything else...from an equity stand point." Two provisions in particular would aid and assist people of color, "a $10 billion measure to provide down payment assistance to first time homebuyers whose parents did not or do not own a home, and a tax credit to incentivize the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing in distressed areas, worth $ 2 billion a year." Call Congress today and ask for their support for affordable housing @ 202 224 3121.  


Universal Pre-K 12/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect children's education. The pandemic is a historic opportunity to make investments in the care economy that have been sorely needed for a generation. With children returning to in person learning it is critical that we provide the resources needed for our youngest Americans. According to Mom's Rising, we need "a comprehensive, federally funded child care system." Estimates show this will require a $700 billion investment. "We must ensure that all families have access to high quality, affordable child care ... available when and where it is needed and invests in the education and compensation of a diverse workforce." It is critical that we build the care infrastructure that our children so sorely need and deserve. Call Congress @ 202 224 3121 and ask for your Representative to support Universal Pre-K.


For the People Act 11/14/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect democracy. The 'For the People Act' would "fortify election security, expand mail in voting and put an end partisan gerrymandering" according to Daily Kos. This legislation would take long strides towards freedom in the areas of voting rights, election security, campaign finance reform, ethics and other areas. The 'For the People Act' would finally grant Washington D.C. statehood so that it would no longer live the life of 'taxation without representation.' A generation has passed since the reforms of the 1960's our time for change has come. We must protect the franchise and the right to vote. These are foundational to our democracy and it is on us to pass our country on to the next generation in the best shape that we can. Call the Senate today to break the filibuster that has kept this legislation from achieving passage @ 202 224 3121.


Keeping Renters Safe Act of 2021 11/21/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to keep renters safe and in their homes. The Supreme Court recently struck down the Biden Administration's eviction ban and the Court has placed millions of families at risk according to Left Net. With the rise of the Covid pandemic more urgency has been added to the struggle to survive. The Keeping Renters Safe Act will protect Americans who cannot pay the rent and keep them from being evicted from their homes. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Cori Bush have shown path breaking leadership in cosponsoring this legislation. This law, if enacted will give the Department of Health and Human Services the permanent authority to implement eviction moratoriums during public health crises. 11 million people will be affected by this legislation. We cannot let the Supreme Court's decision of August 26th stand. We must do everything we can to secure rights that generations have struggled to achieve. Call Congress @ 202 224 3121 and press your legislators to do all they can to enact this law. 


AARP & Medicare Expansion 11/7/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect Medicare expansion. The American Dental Association has proposed limiting the recent dental expansion in Medicare to only those earning 300 % of the poverty line or $ 39,000 a year. Progressives in Congress and the American Association of Retired People have called for a universal benefit. House Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) has called means testing the Medicare expansion divisive. Medicare would pay far less for services than private insurance and the dental lobby would lose money if tens of millions of seniors become eligibile for a government plan according to Politico. Medicare premiums are already tied to incomes with wealthier seniors paying more for Part B and Part D coverage. Lawmakers are weighing other options such as shortening the duration of benefits over the years or phasing in the rollout as was the case with the Affordable Care Act. According to Loren Adler associate director of the USC-Brookings Initiative for Health Policy, means testing could wind up limiting the new benefit to older, sicker patients and create stress on the system. Call Congress today and ask for a universal expansion of dental, vision and hearing for Medicare @ 202 224 3121. 


Equal Taxation 11/28/2021

This week in Washington we are writing for equal taxation. Recently, Joe Manchin has proposed increasing the corporate tax rate to 25 % according to Politico. This would generate around $ 400 billion. "The Committee on Ways and Means seeks an increase of 26.5 % that would create approximately $ 540 billion. Both Manchin and Ways and Means would increase the top capital gains rate to 25 % producing $ 125 billion. Restoring the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6 % where it was before Republicans' 2017 tax cuts, would produce $ 170 billion." Further, "improving tax compliance by beefing up the IRS could mean $ 200 billion in savings." The Democrats in Congress appear likely to tighten tax rules on multinational company's overseas earnings which, under House Democrat's plan would produce $ 300 billion. Lawmakers are poised to "extend a rule approved earlier this year making it harder for owners of pass through businesses to use losses to offset income, which would save $ 167 billion. Democrats in Congress must also tax stock buy backs by corporations. In addition, they should treat billionaire's unrealized capital gains as taxable income. The Administration should dump provisions in the tax code allowing the wealthy to pass assets to heirs tax free. Call Congress @ 20 224 3121 and ask for your Representative to back a just tax code. 


Roe v. Wade 12/7/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to protect a women's right to choose. A generation of women have grown up with a safe, legal right to an abortion as the backbone of the women's rights movement. While this right has been protected in the blue states it has come under assault in the red states. Most notably in recent days in Texas where SB 8, a "heart beat bill," would prohibit abortions at six weeks, often before a woman knows that she is pregnant. In addition this legislation empowers people to pursue those seeking an abortion paying $ 10,000 dollars to bounty hunters to arrest people exercising their constitutional right. In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court recognized the right to privacy carved out in the 4th Amendment freedom from search and seizure. We have all grown up in the shade of the penumbra cast by this crucial right. SB 8  does not recognize the right to an abortion in instances of incest, rape or if the life of the mother is in danger. It is crucial that Congress pass the Women's Health Protection Act to safeguard the Supreme Court's recognized right to an abortion. Call your Representative today @ 202 224 3121 and ask for their support for this critical legislation. 


Child Poverty & the School Lunch Program 11/1/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to combat poverty & care for our kids. According to Feeding America the "Community Eligibility Provision allows schools and school districts where many kids can't afford lunch to provide free meals to all their students. However the way the program is currently structured means that many kids who need these free meals are not getting them." President Biden has crafted a proposal to remedy this situation. Expand this program by increasing program funding and lowering the "eligbility threshold so that more schools qualify." This change to the program would provide free meals to an additional 9 million school children. Congress is set to vote on this program very soon and we need your voice to make sure that Congress understands exactly what is at stake in our democracy. Expanding this program is important because many families with children eligible for free meals don't apply for them due to stigma or difficulty with the application process.

In addition to reducing this administrative burden for families, it also helps school meal operators so they can focus on providing healthy meals. The program helps families in areas where many people face hunger, but make too much to qualify for free food. Increasing funding for expanded school meals through C.E.P. will move more schools to offer nutrition assistance for all by getting more free meals to children in the highest poverty districts. C.E.P. is currently available to schools and school districts with at least 40 % of students participating in SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Asssistance Program. The President's plan would lower that eligibility threshold from 40 % to 25% for all schools. The plan would expand automatic enrollment in C.E.P. so there are fewer barriers between kids who need meals and programs to feed them. Call Congress today to back the President's plan @ (202) 224 3121. 


Child Poverty & Hunger 12/14/2021

This week in Washington we are writing to combat child poverty & hunger. According to Aditi Vasan of The Hill the Women Infant & Children program is in need of a reboot for the 21st century. "The pandemic and economic downturn have led to record high levels of child hunger. Almost one in every three families in the U.S. has been unable to afford enough food to feed their children." Four solutions are advanced for our consideration. First, the 9 offline EBT states should work towards remote reloading. Second, the U.S. Department of Agriculture should make permanent COVID-19 flexibilities that permit remote certification. Third, federal and state lawmakers should create incentives for data sharing across programs. An example of this would be sharing information about Medicaid enrollment so that new mothers and children can enroll in the WIC program and for Food Stamps, (the Supplemental Nutrition Aid Program). Fourth, the WIC program should allow for participants to purchase approved foods like formula and baby food online. Call the U.S. Department of Agriculture for reform today @ (202) 720 2791.


Christmas Day 12/25/2021


Chanukah 11/29/2021 12/06/2021