Change for Progress is a pilot program connecting people working for change across the country. We petition Congress for passage of legislation, register voters, recruit volunteers, educate the public and protect civil rights. Our civic organizatons and elected leadership often tell us what to do. Change for Progress is here to listen to what you have to say. We are here to channel our energy towards increased accountability at the polls and actionable policy reform.

       Hurricane Katrina opened a generation's eyes to a social condition present in every city and state in the Union. We create legislative solutions that channel resources to those in need. The Federal Government must develop the infrastructure necessary to remedy the immediate impact of natural disasters while partnering with service projects that bring people together and heal our country.

       We empower people to engage in grass roots change at the local level through movement building. Change for Progress campaigns to advance equality by challenging convention in calling attention to injustice wherever it lies.

       This organization is an expression of the outraged conscience of a nation, outraged by our government's inability to summon the resources necessary to bring our country together. Our Declaration of Independence declares "that all men are created equal." We challenge our country to fulfill the promise of American Democracy for every man, woman and child. Change for Progress is here to sound a call to action, raise the flag, and rally the country to the struggle for civil rights to achieve liberty and justice for all.